Disappointed Puri fires on Mahesh Babu

Puri Mahesh

iSmart Shankar is a roaring success and Puri Jagannadh is again a most-wanted director. He has been lying low for many years except for one success in ‘Temper’ in 2014. He has bounced back like a phoenix with iSmart Shankar.

In a recent interview to a media channel, Puri talked about his low phase, his flops and how he coped with failures. When the anchor asked about his movie with Mahesh Babu which was announced as ‘Jana Gana Mana’, Puri sounded highly disappointed.

He said, “Mahesh fans keep asking me daily when am I going to direct Mahesh again in Jana Gana Mana. They have a huge respect for me as I gave two good movies to Mahesh Babu. But they don’t understand the fact that Mahesh does films only with a hit director. When a good director is in flops and facing a bad phase, he never does a film with him.”

He further added that he likes Mahesh fans more than Mahesh because they showed confidence in him even when he was delivering flops. When the anchor said maybe now that he has delivered a hit with iSmart Shankar, Mahesh will accept a film with him. To that Puri said in a very harsh tone, “Maybe now I won’t be interested in doing a film with Mahesh, I have my own self-respect”