Disco Raja Live Review

Mass Maharaja Ravi Teja’s Disco Raja is all set for a grand release today. The film touted to be a sci-fi thriller is being helmed by creative director VI Anand. Myfirstshow brings you the exclusive Live review from USA.

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Disco Raja MyFirstShow Live Review Rating: 2.5/5

Final Talk: The second half is so-so with one or two good blocks with an unexpected climax. Director VI Anand took a novel point of bringing life into a dead body and then added a routine story around it. He conceived some very good scenes but when you look at the film as a whole the desired impact is missing. Ravi Teja looks energetic after a long time which should be good news for his fans. The heroines don’t have much of a role. Sunil, Satya, Vennela Kishore, and others weren’t utilized properly by the director. The BGM, cinematography, and styling are assets to the film. The production values are good. Overall it’s a routine story just the packaging is a bit different. A small section of the audience may like the movie but it won’t find many takers with the masses. As the Sankranthi biggies are still doing good business it will be a difficult ride for Disco Raja at the box office.

Punchline: Disco Raja Lacks Kick

4:44 AM: The movie comes to an end after the main villain gets killed by Disco Raj. THE END.

4:35 AM: Here comes the BIG climactic twist that no one expects. The movie heading towards last fight.

4:27 AM: Here comes another twist in the tale. It wasn’t Bobby Simha who tried to kill Disco Raj in Ladakh. A new character is on the way!

The flashback episode has no novelty and we have seen such episodes in many movies in the past including Rajini’s Baasha.

4:19 AM: Disco Raj becomes a good samaritan and moves to Ladakh. Bobby Simha gets released from jail and goes on a killing spree. Payal Rajput escapes with wounds. The flashback ends.

4:10 AM: Time for superhit melody Nuvvu Naatho Emannavo sung by SPB which has been shot well. Pure nostalgia!

3:59 AM: Hot beauty Payal Rajput enters playing the love interest of Disco Raj.

3:55 AM: Disco Raj’s way of  taking revenge on Bobby Simha and sending him to jail is interestingly done.

3:48 AM: Gangwar starts between Disco Raja gang and Bobby Simha’s gang in Chennai.

3:41 AM: Time for Rum Pum song which takes you to the 80s. Ok Ok song which is colorfully picturized.

3:36 AM: The second half moves into the flashback right away. It’s 1980s and Disco Raj is a gangster who just finished looting a bank. Ramki, Satya and sunil are his gang members. Full on retro feel going on.

As mentioned the movie starts with a bang but then the pace of the film slips due to erratic flashbacks. The audience is as confused as Ravi Teja is in the movie. Except for some thumping BGM by Thaman and some good camerawork, the film doesn’t engage you much in the first half. The 80s flashback episodes in the second half must be super entertaining now for Disco Raja to survive at the box office.

3:21 AM: After a fight, the first half ends. INTERVAL

3:10 AM: The twist comes that there was a gangster named Disco Raj in the 80s who died 35 years back. Ravi Teja is introduced as Disco Raj with superb BGM by Thaman. 

The film took off nicely but then too many random flashbacks ruining the flow and making it confusing more than creating suspense.

2:57 AM: Senior actor Ramki is suddenly killed by Bobby Simha. Meanwhile, Raviteja’s family, Naresh and even Bobby Simha are eagerly waiting for Raviteja’s comeback. 

2:39 AM: Nabha Natesh starts narrating the flashback to Naresh. Ravi Teja is Vasu who meets Nabha during a loan verification process. Time for Dilliwala song. Lively and neatly picturized song.

2:31 AM: Ravi Teja is rescued but he has lost his memory. Tanya hope and Vennela Kishore enter as scientists in the lab.

2:26 AM: Bobby Simha enters as a 60-year old gangster

2:21 AM: The scene shifts to Delhi where a family consisting of Nagineedu, Satyam Rajesh and others are waiting for ‘Vasu’ to comeback with money to pay their loan. Nabha Natesh makes an entry.

2:20 AM: Ravi Teja’s body is shown trapped in the snow due to an attack by a gang. His body is being taken to a lab.

2:16 AM: The movie starts in Ladakh 

2:15 AM: Showtime Mass Maharaja’s Disco Raja