Who ditched mega hero’s Director?

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AS Ravikumar Chowdary who is known for his films like ‘Yagnam’, ‘Veerabhadra’, ‘Pilla nuvvu leni Jeevitham’, ‘Saukhyam’ is in news for wrong reasons. His recent interview in which he called a famous lady TV anchor a prostitute is going viral.

As per the director’s version, the famous lady TV anchor has ditched him in the name of love. He also said that in that mad love he even tattoos of her name on his body. Not only had that, he also challenged the media members who went for an interview, that is they have dare to reveal the name to the public as he is ready to reveal. The behavior of AS Ravikumar Chowdary in this interview is facing huge criticism from all corners. While the interview is going on, he lit the cigarette and also had a peg of alcohol in front of the lady anchor who was interviewing.

However, we don’t know whatever happens in between the both but it has once again proved that the success rate of the relations in glamour field is very low. Stay tuned for this space for more updates.

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