Drunk Vishwak Sen Did The Unimaginable

Vishwak Sen is a talent to watch out for. He has given notable performances in his last few films like Ee Nagaraniki Emayyindi and Falaknuma Das. He has this habit of going overboard on public platforms ala Vijay Deverakonda and he still needs to work hard to build a formidable fan following.

Some reports are buzzing in Tollywood circles about an incident that happened recently that hasn’t gone too well with the image of Vishwak Sen. Reportedly, Vishwak Sen threw a cocktail party to meme-makers who are popular on social media. Apparently, after getting fully drunk he demanded them give good ratings for his movie HIT releasing this week. The sources claim that he even told them that HIT doesn’t deserve a rating below 3.5. This hasn’t gone well with the guests where they were being ordered to give forced ratings irrespective of the quality of the film. They were disappointed by his behavior and some of them left the party midway.

Vishwak Sen can have a bright future in Tollywood as he has the looks and talent to match but he shouldn’t resort to these cheap gimmicks which might harm his image among the public. He should realize that People’s verdict is final and he should concentrate on working hard and choose scripts wisely instead of bribing media with cocktail parties for fake ratings.