Dry Time at Telugu Box Office

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It is going to be a dry time in Telugu film industry once again with the reports of a possible shutdown of the industry from March 1st. Notable films are shying away from the theaters until the crisis is resolved. And so, there is a vacuum at the box office and it is being filled with small films. As many as five small films are releasing the coming Friday. Chalte Chalte, Gangs of Ongole, Hyderabad Love Story, Raa Raa, and Dubbing film, Sketch are likely to release the coming Friday.
Hyderabad Love Story has Rahul Ravindran playing the lead role. The movie’s production was completed a long ago and the film is lying in cans since then. This dry spell at the box office has prompted its release. Raa Raa stars Srikanth and he has pinned high hopes on the film. Sketch stars Chiyaan Vikram whose market in the Telugu States has become almost a zero. These films will get a sizeable release and all they have to do is aggressive promotions to catch the eyeballs of the audience. This will also mean that Nani’s Awe will have a chance of having an extended run at the box office. It has to be seen if the movie will capitalize.

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