Sridevi’s Body Arrival Delayed By One More Day

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The death certificate of Sridevi issued by Dubai Medical Authorities has no mention of the cardiac arrest but says it has occurred due to ‘Accidental Drowning’. Gulf Media has also reported that Forensic reports also show the traces of alcohol found in Sridevi’s body. On the other side, Dubai police are trying to find the main cause of death of the Superstar, they are getting the CCTV footage of the hotel. Gulf media is reporting that Sridevi’s body is not being embalmed today, it is likely to be done tomorrow which means more delay for the body to arrive in Mumbai.
The case was handed over to Dubai prosecution and some media channels imply that it means there is some doubt in the minds of authorities and they might be thinking it is not an open and shut case. When the Public Prosecutor is not satisfied, he can ask for a second post-mortem. On the other side, Scores of people are reaching her residence in Mumbai to have a final look. Several celebrities have reached Mumbai to pay their last respects. The entire nation is mourning her death which indicates all that she has achieved being the only Female Superstar of Indian Cinema.

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