Dupe Samantha cheated her fans?

ashu reddy gets trolled on Bigg Boss

Social media video influencer Ashu Reddy entered Bigg Boss season 3 third edition as a contestant. She became popular for being a look-alike of Samantha and rumoredly she also got surgery done to look like Samantha.  Now she is being trolled for her looks as she entered the Bigg Boss house last evening.

Looking at her dub smash videos, many people felt that she is slim having curves at the right places. But after seeing her last night in the premiere show of Bigg Boss every one realized she is quite chubby and fat and her face is also bloated. Many of her fans felt cheated for the way she looked in real life.

This led to huge trolling of the actress on social media as many started commenting inappropriately about her body and looks. Ashu Reddy hails from Vizag and she has also acted in the movie Chal Mohan Ranga!

Let’s hope Ashu proves that her character is strong and beautiful and gives her trolls a fitting reply.

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