Ee Rojullo Movie Review

Ee Rojullo Movie Review

Movie:        Ee Rojullo

Rating:       3.25/5

Producer:  Good Friends

Direction:  Maruhi

The story is about love, misunderstanding and learning from the mistakes to get ahead in life. The story is about two youngsters – Sri (Srinivas) and a girl Rajni. Sri is in love with Rajni. He is ready to do anything for her. Rajni on the other hand is not in love with Sri but with another guy. Sri helps Rajni financially but she takes the money and runs away with another guy. This naturally comes as a big shock to Sri. He is totally dejected. Sri now wows never to fall in love or trust any girl.

On a parallel track we have another girl Shreya (Reshma) a happy and good natured and friendly girl. She is a friend of Karthik. The problem is Karthik mistakes Shreya’s friendly nature as love. So he keeps following her in the name of love. Karthik also becomes very possessive about love. Shreya is fed up with the constant attention of Karthik and his love proposal, So she distances herself from Karthik and decided not to be friendly with any boy in future.

The film then moves to the familiar and expected lines. Sri and Shreya meet and they naturally hate one another. Sri and Shreya keep meting but they are all the time eyeing each other with suspicion. However Shreya slowly begins to get close to Sri. What makes her to shed her hatred for men and come closer to Sri? There and several twists and turn in the tale before the film reaches the climax. Will Sri and Shreya finally shed their hatred and come together? This is the suspense element.

Both the lead actors are newcomers. Srinivas has done a good job and he carries his role in a effective manner. Reshma too is reasonably good. Sai does a good job with and raises some lauther with his stammering. The others are okay.
Good first half
Dialogues and satire
Double meaning dialogues
Analysis and verdict
Ee  Rojullo is a decent film made on a small budget but still boasts of good production values. The film is targeted at the youth and they would connect with the film in a big way. The film may not appeal much to the family audiences but still Ee Rojullo is a decent film, interesting as well as entertaining.

Ee Rojullo Movie Review
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