Election Publicity With Paid Workers

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With Elections nearby, and Elections Commission whip on Election publicity, parties are under strong vigil of EC, Parties cannot tie banners or erect Flexes, They are bared to write on walls or put up party flags as election code is in force, political parties are restricted to a certain number of Mike publicity vehicles.
EC is having a tab on the social media advertising campaign too. Keeping this in view, parties are using alternative means for publicity, they have found a new means of using paid labour, especially women, who work as daily wages labour are put up for the job of publicity by carrying flags on streets and shouting slogans , they are engaged on a daily contract and they are sending out door to door for requesting votes and to implant the name of the candidate in the minds of voters.
These Flag carriers pose as party workers, but, the truth is they are engaged for a day, today if they carry TDP flag, Next day it may be YSRCP or Jana sana.
What ever party they carry out for the day, at the end of the day they get their pay. The catch here is , there cannot be a Easy check on the women on publicly, as they go in groups in streets and parties are taking advantage of this silent and cheap mode of the public, reaching the masses.

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