Entha Manchivaadavuraa Live Review

Nandamuri Kalyan Ram, who tasted a decent success with his previous flick 118, is now all set to entertain the audience with his forthcoming flick Entha Manchivaadavuraa clashing with biggies.

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MyFirstShow Live Review Rating: 2/5

Final Talk: After watching the never-ending second half, first half feels slightly better. Satish Vegesna seems to have not learnt any lesson from his last disaster Srinivasa Kalyanam. The choice of his subject is pretty poor. It is laughable that the makers thought this unrealistic 1980s kind of story would work in today’s times. Kalyan Ram did his job but he just wasn’t suitable for this role. Mehreen got a lengthy character and she did well. Rajiv Kanakala looks menacing but he has been given a dummy villain character. Vennela Kishore, Praveen and others couldn’t do anything to raise the interest of the audience. The low production values also add to the trauma of watching this film. Gopi Sundar delivers uninspiring music with just rehashed old tunes. Kalyan Ram disappoints his fans big time who had some good expectations after his last film 118 . Overall the film is a tough watch at the theaters and you can watch it on TV and that too if you have lot of leisure time. The film will get crushed under the biggies of Sankranthi.

Punchline: Sankranthi Dishti Chukka

4:30 AM: THE END

4:34 AM: All issues sorted out, Rajiv Kanakala released from the jail for the routine climax fight just for the sake of formality.

4:24 AM: Realizing the deep bond between Mehreen and Kalyan Ram, Vennela Kishore sacrifices his love and marriage with Mehreen.

4:23 AM: Time for the last emotional relationship song ‘O Chinna Navve Chalu’

4:12 AM: Kalyan Ram, Mehreen and Vennela Kishore go to Kerala where they meet Sarath Babu and Suhasini. A small emotional twist happens when they tell their story.

4:04 AM: Due to some health issue, Tanikella Bharani expires. Vennela Kishore enters as Mehreen’s bava. Some fun scenes going on.

3:50 AM: The second half starts with some emotional scenes followed by the love song ‘Avuno Teliyadu’ between the lead pair. Beautifully picturized song.

The first half of the film is tiresome to watch with nothing going in favor of the movie. The story is unrealistic, the comedy is also not very good and the performances are also so-so. The feel of watching a low budget film haunts the audience. Except for the SP Balu song, there’s not much to rave about this so-called emotional entertainer. We have to wait and see what miracles the director has in store for us in the second half because without miracles this film will not survive. As of now, ‘all is just not well’.


3:33 AM: Kalyan Ram vs Rajiv Kanakala fight going on. Rajiv Kankala arrested. The movie gearing towards interval.

3:26 AM: Balu goes to village to act as son to Tanikella Bharani. He encounters the villain there, Rajiv Kanakala.

3:09 AM: Emo Emo song going on. SP Balasubrahmanyam voice still has that magic. Good song which comes as a relief.

The film as of now is completely unexciting with no redeeming points. 

3:03 AM: Balu is emotionally attached to three different families with different characters. Basically Balu starts a a company named ‘All Is Well’ through which he tries to complete incomplete familes.

2:45 AM: Time for Jaataro Jaatara song. Pretty Average song.

2:39 AM: The story shifts to present.Mehreen is shown as a short film maker. Naresh plays her father who is trying to create some comedy with his peculiar character. Comedian Praveen and Sudershan are Kalyan Ram (Balu) friends. They are on a mission to find out the secret behind Balu secretly visiting his village.

2:25 AM: The film starts with Mehreen narrating her flashback in a train. The story shifts to Godavari 15 years back with Mehreen and Kalyan Ram as kids. Kalyan Ram is Balu.

2:20 AM: Showtime Entha Manchivaadavuraa