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Movie: Abhimanyudu

Writing and Direction: PS Mithran

Rating: 2.75/5

Behind the Screens:

Vishal who is a recognizable dubbing hero in Telugu has always tried to improve his market in both the Telugu States by releasing every movie of his here. But success has been evading him for a long time. He is trying his luck once again with Abhimanyudu releasing today. Let us see how the movie fares with the audience.


Major Karunakaran (Vishal) an army man who has a haunting past wants to leave the country and settle abroad. He has anger issues and is assigned to a psychiatrist Latha Devi (Samantha) who as therapy asks him to go to his village and reconcile with his dad ( Delhi Ganesh) and younger sister. His father struggles to get a Bank Loan for his daughter wedding but the money disappears as soon as it gets deposited in the account. The rest is all about how Vishal manages to nab the Cyber Criminal.

Star Shine:

Vishal is convincing as an Army Man due to his tall and well-built body. He did extremely well in the action sequences especially the climax. He is decent in the emotional scenes as well. Action King Arjun is superb as a suave and tech-savvy villain. The film is basically his show. Samantha is good in the role of a Psychiatrist and gives a subtle act. Some of the other characters mostly the Tamil Names are okay.


The director PS Mithran makes a good debut with an appealing subject but falters to deliver a racy screenplay. The songs are not so great and mostly speed breakers. However, Yuvan Shankar Raja impressed with excellent Back Ground Score especially that of Arjun’s. The Camera work, editing, and art direction are good. The Production Values are Grand.


The film deals with a contemporary issue which says what happens when the Aadhar Card details fall into wrong hands. So, the audience will connect to the point. The director PS Mithran, however, failed to make an interesting screenplay to drive the point home and also there are several logical loopholes. Also, the love scenes are totally not needed in this film which is supposed to be a thriller. The second half has some pace issues as well. In the end, Abhimanyudu is a decent film which could have been good if the director stayed true to the script

Movie Marks:

Abhimanyudu – Decent, But Could Have Been A Lot Better

Cast: Vishal, Samantha, Arjun, and Others

Producer: Vishal

DOP: George C Williams

Music: Yuvan Shankar Raja

Editor: Ruben

Banner: Vishal Film Factory

Release Date: 1st June 2018 (Review from Special Premiere on 31st Night

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