Exclusive: Basthi director Vasu Manthena Interview

Vashu Manthena who is making his entry into Tollywood with his debut as director revealed the beauty of Basthi. Film stars Jayasudha’s son Shreyas Kapoor, who is also making his debut as hero. 

Vashu Manthena On his entry

May passion in films made me entre into the field. I loved films right from my childhood. It increased my creativity. I used to watch films with my friends and also did stage plays with them. I wrote many stories. Slowly I learned the inside out of technicalities of filmmaking. 

Vashu Manthena On how Basti happened

Five months back I readied a love story and started making trials. 

Vashu Manthena On casting Shreyas Kapoor in lead

When I happened to watch Shreyas Kapoor at my friend’s office, I felt he is the real hero for Basti. 


Vasu Manthena On interactions with Jayasudha


Jayasudha encouraged me a lot in while doing the film. Gautam Raju too lent me good support. 

Vashu Manthena On the film title

Since the film highlights the happenings in a Basti, we decided to name the film as Basthi. 

What is Basti all about?

Basti involves rivalry between two groups and how it affected a young love couple. 

Vashu Manthena On Basti music

Film’s music tuned by Pravin Ummadi is getting good response. All the five songs are beautifully tuned.

Vashu Manthena On future projects

My next will start from September. More details will be revealed soon.

He signed out confident of Basthi success at the box office.