Exclusive Chichat with "Komaram Puli" Cheli "Nikesha Patel".

Exclusive Chichat with “Komaram Puli” Cheli “Nikesha Patel”.

Nikesha Patel, a Gujarathi girl who got a lucky chance to act her first film with Power Star Pawan Kalyan. She is born and brought up in the UK in a Gujarathi family. She was one of the finalists of 2006 Miss Wales beauty pageant and now  she is making her Tollywood debut with Pawan Kalyan’s “Komaram Puli”. This film is going to release on September 10th and here is an exclusive chit chat with this NRI actress. 

Myfirstshow : What is your Back ground?

Nikisha : I was born and brought up in Wales, UK in a Gujrathi (NRI) family. My father and forefathers belongs to Gujarat, my mother is from Gujarat and my dad from Kenya in Nairobi. I completed my education in Wales, UK. I am passionate about acting from my childhood, I grown up on a diet of Hindi films and must have watched a zillion before deciding to plunge into a mainstream Telugu film  as an actress.  I am a big fan of Madhuri Dixit. I was one of the finalists of 2006 Miss Wales beauty pageant. Now, I entered into film industry with “Komaram Puli”.

Myfirstshow : How you get a chance to enter into films?

Nikisha : I met S.J.Surya in Mumbai regarding this film, after listening about his project I accepted to work with him. Later on after 6 months, we started this project. 

Myfirstshow : Could you tell us about your role in “Komaram Puli”?

Nikisha : Actually hero Pawan Kalyan with his mother Saranya plays a very crucial role in this film, even I do have a good percentage of character in this film. The story revolves around the mom and hero, if I tell you the story completely then there is no point of people come and watch this film and I leave the story to a side (for Suspense).

Myfirstshow : Do you acted as a Police Officer like Pawan Kalyan in this film?

Nikisha : Yes, but its completely different with Pawan Kalyan’s role and the story demands my role as police officer. It’s really hard to explain about that and better to watch in movie.

Myfirstshow : Do you face any problems with a language?

Nikisha : Yes, definitely I had a problem with the language and Dialogues are quite hard specially coming to the songs the lyrics are very fast, so I found that quite difficult. It took 15 to 20mins for me to get the lyrics into my brain to understand the meaning and then perform, it’s really very hard. I really want to learn Telugu and I am trying for it.

Myfirstshow : How many days do you worked for “Komaram Puli” and tell us about your experiences in sets?

Nikisha : Probably over 100 sweet memorable days and all my 100 days are good experiences. As time goes by its being working for years now, we all had more comfort love as we going on. Now, we had a good relationship with each person in a set. Initially when we worked it was very professional but now we all are like a family and the people here are very polite and I like them very much.

Myfirstshow : How you feel working the director S.J.Surya?

Nikisha : S.J. Surya is a nice person and professionally he is hard worker. He is very spontaneous in the work, if he doesn’t get the proper performance in shot which he was explained, he will not leave you until  he gets the best, he is a fantastic director, after release of this film you will definitely know about that and I am really happy to work with him.  At time of our first meet only I told him that “I would like to work with you”.

Myfirstshow : Could tell us about Our’s “Komaram Puli”, Pawan Kalyan?

Nikisha : Yes, ours “Komaram Puli”, Pawan Kalyan is very friendly and I learnt so many Telugu words from him. He is very professional person when it comes to work he is very Sincere  and hard worker. He has very good heart and very helpful nature. It’s quite good to work with such a great person.

Myfirstshow : What are your future plans?

Nikisha : So, far I got some good offers, but I just want to look for really good project next, some thing that can give me more character in the film. In this film I played a very painful comedy so, I want o look for a challenging role. At present I am eagerly waiting for “Komaram Puli” release like you and I crossed my fingers.   

Exclusive Chichat with “Komaram Puli” Cheli “Nikesha Patel”.
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