Exclusive Chichat with “Vamsi” (Saradaga Kasepu Director)

Myfirstshow Exclusive Chitchat with Saradaga Kasepu Director "Vamsi" on 14th september,2010.

Director Vamsi, who is a critically acclaimed Telugu Indian film director, writer, Music director and now as singer too. He forms one of the four cornerstones of Telugu Cinema from 1980s to till now. He has given many best films to the Tollywood industry. Apart from direction he had written so many stories and he has recently published a short stories compilation called "maa pasalapudi kathalu". Besides that compilation, Vamsy had written a wide variety of short stories since 1974 when he was 18 years old. His major works include Manchupallaki , Aa naati vaana chinukulu , Venditera kathalu, Vennela bomma , Gokulam lo Radha etc., He is penning down around 150 short stories in his new compilation ( currently published in Swati weekly magazine ) "Maa Diguwa Godavari Kathalu". Now, he is coming up with his directional venture “Saradaga Kasepu” which is going to release on tomorrow and here is the chit chat with this creative director.  

Myfirstshow : Could you tell us about your back ground?

Director Vamsi : I was born and bought up in a village called Pasalapudi, near Ramachandrapuram of East Godavari District, Andhra Pradesh on November 20th in 1956. I started my career in the year 1974 as an assistant director, I worked as a assistant with many great directors like K Viswanath, etc. In the year 1982, I entered as a director with the film “Manchupallaki” with Suhasini, Chiranjeevi and Rajendra Prasad. Later on I directed many films like “Sitaara”, “Anveshana”, “Preminchu Pelladu”, “Alapana”, “Ladies Tailor”, “April 1st Vidudhala” and many. I also introduced artists like Bhanupriya, Krishna Bhagavan and many to the film industry.

Myfirstshow : Could you tell us about your upcoming film “Saradaga Kasepu”?

Director Vamsi : “Saradaga Kasepu” is not a story oriented film and there is no story in this movie. It’s just pure entertainment and music. There is no message no lesson taught in it. That’s why we named it as ‘Saradaga Kasepu’. Actually, I told one serious story to the producer but he said that I didn’t need any story I need only entertainment (like 2 ½ hours of comedy) then I said this “Saradaga Kasepu”, he accepted it. In this movie I sang two songs also. I expect that audience will enjoy this full length comedy film.  

Myfirstshow : Your pervious film “Gopi Gopika Godavari” was a silent hit, it was not given good collections in first few weeks and then it was picked up. What are the reasons behind that?

Director Vamsi : Nothing reasons behind that, one thing any director will expect the good response for his/her movie, either it might be in the beginning or in the second or third weeks. “Gopi Gopika Godavari” is a good movie I expected an excellent response from audience and I got it slowly. That means from the second week of its release the movie got a better response from the spectators. For this “Saradaga Kasepu” we expect the best response from release date itself.

Myfirstshow : How much time did you take to write the story of “Saradaga Kasepu”?

Director Vamsi : Actually, the main story belongs to my friend Chadalaganti Narasimha Rao. For any of my movies I had my team to work on the script, for this story also I and my team worked for nearly two months.  

Myfirstshow : You worked with both Brothers Allari Naresh and Aryan Rajesh, what do you feel the difference between the both?

Director Vamsi : Both, Allari Naresh and Aryan Rajesh are very professional, workaholic and punctual. Coming to Rajesh, he is Introversive means he is very reserved person, he don’t share his feelings with any one. And Naresh is extroversive means he is very open minded person, he is very friendly with all the people in sets and he shares his feeling with every one.      

Myfirstshow : What is the length of this film?

Director Vamsi : It’s an out and out comedy entertainer for 2hr 10 minutes.

Myfirstshow : Why have you chosen Madhurima and Avasarala Srinivas?

Director Vamsi : My Producer M.L.Kumar Chowdary is also one of the reasons to choose Madhurima as heroine for this film because we both impressed with her acting in the auditions. Actually, in my film career I choose only the normal heroines who had an experience in acting but they didn’t have a good fame and Madhurima also proved herself as best actor in this film.

Coming to Avasarala Srinivas, I liked his acting in “Asta Chama”, after watching that film I felt that Srinivas was apt for that character in this film. I asked the director Indraganti Mohan Krishna about Srinivas, he also said that Srinivas is a good actor and then I called Srinivas, he also impressed with my offer and accepted to work for this film.  

Myfirstshow : What are your future plans? Do you want to continue with comedy entertainer films or else you want to go with serious kind of films?

Director Vamsi : No, I don’t want to stick with comedy entertainer, I said  in so many interviews that “There is no comedy in my life and in my stories too”, I would like to do Serious Murder thriller films like “Anveshana”, “Sitaara”, etc.  In future also I will do only serious and suspense oriented films. At present one serious story is on discussions, after finalizing I will reveal.

Exclusive Chichat with “Vamsi” (Saradaga Kasepu Director)
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