Exclusive chit chat with director 'Jitender'

Exclusive chit chat with director ‘Jitender’


Tollywood young director Jitender is coming with ‘Yamaho Yama’ with Sairam Shankar,Parvati Melton in lead. Srihari is playing important role as Yama in the film which is releasing on December 14th. Director Jitender spent time to speak exclusively with MFS on Yamaho Yama.

MFS: Can you tell more about yourself for viewers?

J: I hail from Bhadrachalam, Andhra Pradesh and most of my education had been in the same place. 

MFS: What made you enter in the industry?

J: It’s my passion and though I don’t have any film background nor any god father in the industry, love for films made me take that decision.

MFS: You have started your career with Veduka. Why did it take so many years for your latest film?

J: Veduka is a romantic love story but it seems movie lovers couldn’t connect with so many emotions and twists in the script. I planned to analyse myself and prepared this script. 

MFS: Many socio fantasies came on Yama. Don’t you think it is a routine subject? 

J:It is true that we have had many films in the past that have explored stories with "Yama", the lord of death, but our flick is going to stand out.

MFS: What are the specialties in your Yamaho Yama?

J: It’s a socio fantasy with a difference. In the film, Chitragupta happens to visit America and all hell breaks loose.

MFS: How did you bump up on Sai Ram Shankar as he is reeling under flops?

J: Sai Ram is a talented actor. Everyone goes through this phase. So the moment I thought of selecting crew for the film, I had Sai Ram in mind.

MFS: What is his role in the film?

J: He will be seen as the devotee of Yama. His role will be unique as none of the films shown any hero as Yama’s devotee

MFS: Tell us about heroines in the film?

J: Both Parvathi Melton and Sanjana are bubbly and beautiful and they have got enough scope for performance in the film.

MFS: Sri Hari is playing Yama’s role for the first time in the film. Did you ever think that he may not fit the role considering his style of dialogue delivery?

J: Srihari is a real star and can don any character. In fact Srihari’s performance as Yama is going to a big highlight of the film. His dialogue delivery and modulations will spellbind to all.

MFS: What is the asset of Yamaho Yama?

J: Mahathi’s music is an asset to the film. All in all ‘Yamaho Yama’ is an entertainer with a difference since Chitragupta happens to visit America and all hell breaks.

MFS: What about your future projects?

J: Nothing is finalized, as of now and will be revealing in few days time.

myfirstshow.com signed off wishing ‘Yamaho Yama’ team all success.

Exclusive chit chat with director ‘Jitender’
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