Exclusive chit chat with Director Krish

Creative director Krish who enjoys immense craze for his creative projects, is coming once again with ‘Krishnam Vande Jagadgurum’ on November 30th. Leader RaNa and Natural Beauty Nayanatara is starring in this film and MFS has got the privilege to catch up with Krish who is extremely busy in the release operations of his film.

Myfirstshow : How do you feel coming after long break between Gamyam, Vedam and now with Krishnam Vande Jagadgurm?

Krish: Feel great. It’s always a good feeling to be in news rather than out of focus for a long time.

Myfirstshow :Your films give lot of craze in overseas and mostly for ‘A’ class viewers. Still why do you keep them guessing for long time by taking so much time between your projects?

Krish: I’m grateful for their love and affection. Interest in overseas viewers shows the power of Tollywood. It is not that, I want only keep them waiting for long because of preparing a story and then a perfect script and deciding on the star cast and other things do take time.

As such I don’t want to taste failure and so plan perfectly before taking a plunge in the new project.

Myfirstshow : How do you rate ‘KVJ’ compared to ‘Vedam’?

Krish: ‘KVJ’ will be much bigger hit than ‘Vedam’ since ‘Vedam’ is targeted for A and B viewers. ‘KVJ’ has all commercial elements to satisfy all the viewers of all classes.

Myfirstshow : How did you hit upon the idea of combining Surabhi theatre with the contemporary issue of mining in Bellary?

Krish:I have had this idea of making a film on Surabhi theatre, which is a great form. It is such an ancient art form but it’s on the verge of dyeing out. It’s very colourful with all the get-ups and make-up, the accessories, costumes, sets and the warm lighting, instrumentation and music.

Later, something that came up is the mining mafia, where you could set your characters in an extraordinary difficult terrain to see how their journey is.
Then, one day I was on my way to Amritsar and I visited the Wagah border. Immediately this border idea came to my mind. There were several thoughts which conglomerated like theatre, mining, border.

Myfirstshow : How do you decide up on RaNa as ahero?

Krish:I called RaNa (Daggubati) and narrated him the story which is happening between the borders of Andhra and Karnataka. There’s a guy called B Tech Babu, a theatre artiste who is reluctant to continue in theatre and wants to finish his studies and go abroad. He’s a typical young man who has to earn a living.

I told this idea to Suresh Babu and everyone was excited. I took a decision that Rajeev Reddy, my father, and Bibo Srinivas will produce the film. They had produced Gamyam in the previous.

Myfirstshow :Can you throw more light on RaNa’s role?

Krish:He plays a theatre artiste in the film belonging to a troupe called Surabhi, for whom drama is not only livelihood, but a profession and an art form. Surabhi group is still considered one of the best drama troupes in the country. Not many know the first Telugu hero-ine Kamalabai who acted in ‘Bhakta Prahlada’ was from the same troupe.

RaNa performed with real theatre actors in the film and he considers it one of the challenges of the film. Cinema and theatre are like two different sides of a coin. The biggest challenge was to mix them and produce something entertaining, yet unique. We learned from each other in the process.
For an actor of Rana’s height it is a huge challenge for directors to find a body double. He insists reality in his action scenes. Because of which he suffered numerous injuries during the shooting ‘Krishnam Vande Jagadgurum

Myfirstshow :What about Nayanatara’s role?

Krish:Nayanatara will be seen in the role of Devika a documentary writer. She fell so much in love with the character that she did her own dubbing. She is a thorough professional.

Myfirstshow : Tell us about Manisharma’s music?

Krish:Manisharma who is now Melody as well as Mass brahma provided excellent tunes for the film. Sirivennela gave beautiful lyrics and coupled to that are the lovely voices of singers. Even choreographer,stunt masters worked day in and day out for the film’s final outcome.

Myfirstshow : What are the challenges you faced while shooting for the film?

Krish: We weren’t allowed to shoot in real mining locations. Therefore, we had to recreate mining sets. We had to recreate many sets. To recreate something near to the original was challenging.

Myfirstshow : Is it part period, part contemporary tale? Or you just play mythological characters?

Krish:It’s a contemporary tale. I play mythological characters in the theatre plays.  Surabhi hasn’t been active for the last few years and a lot of them haven’t been popular either. We took Patala Bhairavi, which is one of the popular films and made that a play and used it in the film.

The final play Krishnam Vande Jagadgurum is also the title of our film. It’s loosely based on the Dashavataram — it’s the journey of man from beginning to the end.

Myfirstshow : Heard the film is releasing in Kollywood as Ongaram? Is it simultaneous release?

Krish: The film was supposed to be simultaneously shot in Tamil as Ongaram, but that will happen later. We will work on the Tamil version later. It will more or less be a remake of ‘KVJ’. We couldn’t afford to shoot simultaneously because of time constraints.

Myfirstshow : Are there any plans to take the film to Bollywood?

Krish: We will first gauge the response and success of the film at box- office and will decide at later stages.

Myfirstshow  signed off wishing Krish all success on KVJ’s release with in 12hrs as count down starts.