Exclusive: Chit Chat with Ko Ante Koti director Anish

Anish Yohan Kuruvilla is coming with Ko Ante Koti entertainer casting Sharvanand ,Priya Anand and Sri Hari in lead role. Sharvanand himself is producing the film  under Sarvaa Arts. The film is releasing across the state on 28th of this month and Myfirstshow.com caught up with the director to have exclusive chit chat on the film sipping a cup of coffee. 

MFS      Tell Us about Your Family back ground, Education, How you entered into films?

Anish I was born and brought up in Hyderabad, I am pure Hyderabadi, and after completion of my schooling I did my Bachelors of Arts from Nizam College, Hyderabad. Later on I entered into films as technical assistant. I worked with Mani Shankar sSir, Nagesh Kukunoor garu and Sekhar Kammula Sir. Mani Shankar is a technical wizard. I learnt to be passionate about technique of filmmaking from him. Nagesh Kukunoor is obsessed with planning and troubleshooting. I learnt planning, organizing and troubleshooting from him. I learnt the grammar and structure of filmmaking from Sekhar Kammula Sir.

MFS Is any one of your family members are into Films? 

Anish   No, no one from my family are into films I am only the one, my father is a business and mother is a home maker.

MFS      You acted in films like Dollar Dreams and Anand, why do you tried acting why you chosen Direction? 

Anish To be frank acting is not my cup of tea, really never i thought to be actor, what happed you known i worked as assistant director for Dollar Dreams, while working Shekar sir insisted me do that character, i did and in Anand also he said the you are apt for the character and he casted me without my permission. To be frank i am worst actor, i don’t know how to act, and I love to do films only that’s why I started my direction.  

MFS   Your First film Avakai Biryani is completely a classy film? It attracted only particular audiences especially mass didn’t accepted such kind of films, Is Ko Ante Koti is also related to particular set of audience? 

Anish  Yes, u are right Avakai Biryani is classy film, Mass didn’t liked it, But coming to Ko Ante Koti it is all set of film with all commercial elements, This film has a love story, Drama, Comedy, actions and everything. The film with all commercial elements is nothing but Ko ante Koti.

MFS      Could you tell us about Story Line of Ko ante Koti? How it differs from other films? 

Anish   As i said it’s a completely a different concept u need to watch in theatres……joking, like it’s a theme of no people in Universe are not perfect, how the situations make the people to change, what made them to change from their original characters this will be completely showcased in this film . It completely revolves around 7 Characters, one Saarva as Vishwa, Sri Hari Sir, Priya as Sathya, one Cop and three more characters. Each character has its own importance. It’s not like story we narrated it we narrated it as real life incidents.

MFS   Sharwanand is producing this film that’s why you selected him as hero, Are else any reason? 

Anish   Actually i went to Sharva to cast him as hero, later on after listening to the script he showed his interest to produce the film, and then we both made Ko Ante Koti.

MFS   You said in your past interviews that Avakai Biryani was happened at the Time of Godavari than How Ko Ante Koti was Happened? 

Anish   Ko Ante Koti Happened after completing Avakai Biryani. Actually Avakai Biryani was made for me, i liked the story very much when the time of Godavari I thought to make film based the Love story of a Muslim Guy that made me to do Avakai Biryani, and I am completely satisfied with result. But Ko Ante Koti made for my audience with all set of commercial elements which includes my dream story.

                I wrote Ko Ante Koti keeping the audience taste in my mind, the lessons what i learnt during the time of Avakai Biryani, I implement the necessary correction and i written this story.

MFS    How much you feel comfortable working with Sharwanand? 

Anish  Sharwanand is a very hard working guy, while shooting the film it was the tough time for Sharwa to look after the production unit as well as to take care while acting but he planned it very well. He is very much committed to his work. , It really nice experience to work with such a committed guy and very thankful to his support.

MFS      Why it took such a long time to complete the film? 

Anish  Yes it really took a long time to complete the shooting of this film, they are some many reasons, The unique film like Ko Ante Koti requires a perfect planning, scheduling which took enough time for it, next thing we canned the film is different locations last but not least some of production disturbance. Overall it dragged the shooting time of film but ultimately we git a good output.

MFS   Why you choose Sri Hari for that Particular character rather than any one? 

Anish  Seriously, selection of Sri Hari for that Particular character is completely Sharvaa’s Choice, after listening to story he that Except Sri Hari no one can justify this character. Now I am saying he is very apt for that character, Sharvaa’s choice is 100% right. Sri Hari is directors’ actor, he shows very much interest to listen to directors words and he is very friendly.

                Initially i thought, will Sri hari sir listen to my words are not, because he is senior actor. But while working with him i came to known that he is very down to earth and I felt very comfortable working him.  Not only Sri Hari Sir, everyone in the cast did the justification to their characters, like Sharwanand, Priya Anand, two new guys Nischal and Lakshman were introduced through this film, they also did very well.

MFS  What are you future projects are you accepted any films? Are they any dream projects?


Anish   No, not yet, I am eagerly waiting for Ko Ante Koti after the film release only i will think of my next film. Coming to Dream Project for as of now Ko Ante Koti is my dream Project.



All the very best for Ko Ante Koti, hoping that it will you a Best Result. Singing off…..