Exclusive: Chit chat with Mr.Pellikoduku Director

Director Devi Prasad is in buoyant mood with Sunil and Isha Chawala which is all set to strike silver screen on March 1st. Let us see what refreshing events he has got to offer in this Telugu remake of Bollywood super hit  ‘Tanu Weds Manu’.

Myfirstshow : Could you tell about your background?
Devi Prasad :  I was born and bought up in Kanagala,Guntur district.. I pursued my education in Bapatla.

Myfirstshow : Do you have any film background?
Devi Prasad :  I don’t have any film background except for one of my uncle.

Myfirstshow : How did you enter into films?
Devi Prasad :  My uncle who used to be director introduced me to Kodi Ramakrishna and from then on I have been as an assistant director for quite some time.
Myfirstshow : How come you made comedy shift from your films ‘Leela Mahal Center, Aduthu Paduthu to Blade Babji’ and now ‘Kevvu Keka and Mr.Pellikoduku’?
Devi Prasad :  I never made any comedy shift. One cannot find a person who doesn’t smile. So people and film makers always depend on comedy and without comedy one cannot make a single film. It is a safe zone. However I clarify that ‘Mr.Pellikoduku’ is not out and out comedy entertainer unlike ‘Kevvu Keka’ which is an out and out hilarious comedy movie.

Myfirstshow :Tell us more about ‘Mr.Pellikoduku’
Devi Prasad :  Many say it is the re-make of ‘Tanu weds Manu’. However it is not true. We have made it as a base and made lot of changes in the script.

Myfirstshow :How come then it got the remake talk?
Devi Prasad :  Super Good Films bought the rights of ‘Tanu weds Manu’ and this resulted in the talk. However ‘Tanu Weds Manu’ targeted only multiplex viewers. But one cannot expect the same with Sunil as hero. So we made a lot of changes in the script.

Myfirstshow :What are the changes you made in the script?
Devi Prasad :  TWM is basically a serious film and since Sunil is hero we included lot of comedy scenes. However the film is not a hilarious entertainer. First half is full of comedy while second half is a serious story.

Myfirstshow : You have done most of your films with heroes like Sunil and Naresh. Can we see you team up with top star?
Devi Prasad :   Till now I did not get chance. But definitely next film is with top hero only.

Myfirstshow ::Can you tell me more about the project and hero?
Devi Prasad :  -I cannot as it is still under discussion. Only heroes should come out.

Myfirstshow :Is it once again a comedy entertainer?
Devi Prasad :  No.. It will have comedy but will be commercial entertainer.

Myfirstshow : You have worked both with Sunil and Naresh. How do you feel and rate them?

Devi Prasad :  Both are talented in their own way and both have negatives and positives which I can not elaborate.

Myfirstshow : What do you feel about Isha Chawla’s performance?
Devi Prasad :  She is ok. But one shouldn’t compare with Kangana Ranauth performance as we have made lot of changes in her character.

Myfirstshow : We heard that she found it difficult to be shown smoking all the time?

Devi Prasad :  Yes, initially she had some difficulties. However Sunil trained her in smoking.(laughs)

Myfirstshow :What about Sunil’s dances?

Devi Prasad :  He performed quite well and SA.Rajkumar’s music is a big asset.
Myfirstshow :Did you include Sunil six pack show to encash ‘Poolarangadu’ success?

Devi Prasad :  No not at all. One cannot do it just to encash in. Sunil’s six pack show in this is different from ‘Poolarangadu’.

Myfirstshow :What is the length of the film?

Devi Prasad :  Its running time is 2hrs 20 min

Myfirstshow :Your experience with censor board?
Devi Prasad :  Getting clean ‘U’ certificate is an achievement for us as censor board members are dishing out ‘A’ certificates to all films. Members always compliment film makers for their films and even to us they said the film will run even after exams. However I felt this time they are genuine.

Myfirstshow : ‘Sudigadu’ has spoofs on various films. Do you plan to do like that?
Devi Prasad : In my ‘Blade Babji’ I have already done and if I do it again for Naresh’s ‘Kevvu Keka’ it will be monotonous. ‘Kevvu Keka’ has no spoofs and there is not rule that all films should have spoofs.

Myfirstshow : Tell your experience with Super Good films
Devi Prasad : One can easily find and feel the difference between a professional and experienced production unit like Super Good films which made more than 100 films. RB.Chowdhary’s co-operation is too heartening.