Exclusive chit chat with Okkadine Director

Exclusive chit chat with Okkadine Director

Nara Rohit, Nitya Menon’s ‘Okkadine’ is releasing on 14th of this month and myfirstshow.com had the opportunity to have cup of tea with the director Srinivas Raga. 

Myfirstshow: Can you tell more about yourself?

Srinivas: Hailing from Kadapa, I entered film industry after dabbling with some private jobs right after my B.Tech.

Myfirstshow:  Do you have any God Father or any of your family members in Tollywood?  

Srinivas: Most of my family members including my sister and brothers are software engineers. I am the only one to be smitten by the Tollywood glamour. 

Myfirstshow: Your first film Katha was created much hype before its release but after release it was not that successful at box office. Is that the reason why your second venture ‘Okkadine’ is preparing for silent attack?
Srinivas: Yes, Katha created much hype before release and its a thriller with different concept. Viewers needed more time to get connected with such kind of films which are sure shot award winners but don’t do commercially well if not packaged properly. Film makers including myself was aware of the film’s fate at that time.

Coming to Okkadine its out and out family entertainer with all commercial elements, it doesn’t require any hype and we are confident that movie lovers will like this as the film already got good talk. 

Myfirstshow:  What made you debut with such kind of film ‘Katha’, knowing fully aware that it won’t be commercially viable?

Srinivas:  I want to make full use of the opportunity provided by Gunnam Gangaraju, a great person who doesn’t like commercial films. The moment I narrated “Katha “ he appreciated the film and gave green signal.

Myfirstshow:  Any particular reason for selecting Nara Rohit for “Okkadine”.

Srinivas: I want to give a Hatrick to Rohit that why, launching… actually Okkadine script needs a fresh innocent face who must be familiar to the audience, so we thought that Rohit is apt for the character, and he justified it. After watching the film not only me, everyone will agree with me that Rohit is apt for this character. 

Myfirstshow: : What about Nitya Menon as heroine.

Srinivas:  The moment I decided to give Rohit a hat trick, I decided that I shouldn’t be partial. As such after watching “Ala modalaind”i and “Ishq” we unanimously decided that Nitya is apt for the role.

Myfirstshow:  Like regular films, Is your Heroine is only permitted to Glamour role or do you have given any character oriented role?  

Srinivas: Our heroine has a very important role in this film.  In her recent interview also she said that comparing with her previous film she got a performance oriented role in “Okkadine”. Not only heroine, every character in this film has their own importance.   

Myfirstshow:  How much comfortable are you with Production team? Any comparison between the film “Katha Production unit and Okkadine Production team”?

Srinivas:  I don’t want to make any comparisons. Am lucky enough that both the production units are very friendly and one thing generally any director and producer will get only one miss communication that is creativity problem. So, if a director fill that gap then there will not be any problem, its my opinion. 

Myfirstshow:  What are your future plans? Your first film is thriller, second film is family entertainer and what will your third?

Srinivas: After the release of Okkadine only i will decide because while Katha release i didn’t expected that i will go my second film as family entertainer, But  defiantly one thing i can say that Katha is Unique story, Okkadine is different story and my third film will also be different concept. I will come with different concept only.

Myfirstshow signed off wishing Srinivas Raga and his team of “Okkadine” all success.


Exclusive chit chat with Okkadine Director
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