EXclusive Chitchat with Madhurima (Saradaga Kasepu Heroine)

EXclusive Chitchat with Madhurima (Saradaga Kasepu Heroine)

An Exclusive chit chat with Madhurima, “Saradaga Kasepu” heroine on 13th sep, 2010.

Myfirstshow : Could you tell us about your back ground?

Madhurima : I was born and brought up in Mumbai and I completed my LLB last year. Coming to my family, my father is a Mechanical Engineer who has served in Indian Navy and now he is General Manager of the largest private shipyard of India. My mother has been working as a researcher in the field of Virology and she was a content writer who worked for multinational companies in IT sector and now she is a novelist and I have one younger brother who is doing with his studies. I started my career as an artist when I was 14 and now I am managing my film career and my professional career (Lawyer studies) parallel.   

Myfirstshow : Do you want to settle as a Lawyer or an Actor?

Madhurima : When I was studying, acting was my hobby and I before acting before my studies. It was my priority to complete my studies so, I successfully completed my LLB. I got my lawyer identity to do my practice only in Maharashtra but I am going to attend Bar Council examination in December this year, where I can get my National Level License for my advocacy. Then I can do my practice from any where. If I want to quit or if I get a break in my acting career then I will get back to my profession as Lawyer. At present I am concentrating on two things one is acting and another one is to get my National Bar council license of advocacy.

Myfirstshow : Could you tell us about your film journey?

Madhurima : When I was 14 (or) 15 I used go for voice recording studios where I had been recording children’s songs. I learnt classical, Hindustani and light music and during my childhood I used to sing children songs. One fine day great director G.V.Iyer spotted me in voice recording studio and he gave me a chance to act as a child artist in the Government of India project ‘Kadambari’. After ‘Kadambari’, Iyer, impressed with my work and gave me a certificate that I have a good acting talent. After that I acted in some movies that gave me fame, I acted in K.Bala Chandar’s  TV Serial and I also acted as an anchor in a TV channel. When I was in the 3rd year of law studies, a friend suggested me to attend an audition for a Hindi film “Toss”, which was being directed by Ramesh Khatkar. I was offered a role of Sherry by Ramesh Khatkar and after consulting my parents, I signed the contract.

Here in Tollywood, after the shooting of “Toss”, when I was waiting for its release, Murthy offered me women-oriented lead roles in “Aaa Okkadu”, based on my photographs taken while shooting of “Toss” which were put on the Net by the “Toss” management. I got a chance to prove myself so I accepted the role and became a Telugu star overnight while continuing my law studies. After that I got a chance to work for “Mounaragam” with Ajay and “Saradaga Kasepu” is my third film in Telugu.

Myfirstshow : What is your role in Saradaga Kasepu?

Madhurima : To be frank it’s completely comical role, till now I acted in a performance oriented characters like women-oriented role in “Aaa Okadu” and matured character in “Mounaragam”. But, in this film it’s completely comical and I look like a hilarious person in this film. 

Myfirstshow :  How you feel working with senior artistes like Naresh and Srinivas?

Madhurima : It’s a good experience to work with such great artists like Naresh and Avasarala Srinivas. Both are friendly, supportive, encouraging and both are very helpful. Coming to Naresh, he is senior artist than me and Srinivas, but he didn’t show any such kind of attitude in the sets. He is very cool and friendly with everyone in the sets.

Myfirstshow : Could you tell us about the director Vamsi?

Madhurima : I feel lucky to work with such an experienced director Vamsi. Initially, when I saw him in the sets, I found him always thinking of something, because he keeps on watching something and he is so much deep in to his thinking, and then I came to know that he is thinking about the shot which he wants to picturise. First he images the shot what he wants and then he explains to the artist. He is very professional and awesome at his work.   

Myfirstshow :  What are your future plans or projects?

Madhurima : I don’t want to think about my future because I believe that what will come to us is good for us. Some directors are approaching me with new scripts but, I am not yet decided. Once if any thing is finalized then I will let you know and at present I am eagerly waiting for “Saradaga Kasepu” release.

EXclusive Chitchat with Madhurima (Saradaga Kasepu Heroine)
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