Exclusive Chitchat with “Saranya Ponvannan”

Saranya Ponvannan is a popular Indian film actress, who has appeared in lead and supporting roles throughout her career. She is probably best known for her performances in the Tamil movies like “Nayagan”, “Raam”, “Thavamai Thavamirundhu”, “Em Magan” and “Kalavani”. She is married to a fellow actor Ponvannan. She also acted in some Telugu movies like “Rakhi”, “Ready”, “Vedam” and now her upcoming Telugu film “Komaram Puli” is going to release on tomorrow. Here is an exclusive chit chat with her.

Myfirsthow : What is your back ground?

Saranya : I was born and brought up in Chennai and I have done my Bachelor of Science (Bsc) in the specialization Nutrition and Diabetics in Women’s College, Chennai. I started my film career in 1987 with Mani Ratnam’s Godfatheresque production “Nayagan” opposite Kamal Haasan. The film, which went on to become a titanic success, became one of the only few films where she had essayed the lead female role. After that I acted as heroine in and around 50 films in Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam.

In the year 1995 I got married an actor cum director Ponvannan, after marriage I settled down to domestic bliss, refusing to take up any film offers. After 5 years of long gap in the year 2001, I accepted to act in a lead role for a Bala Chandra’s comedy television series. Subsequently, I decided to accept some good offers, enacting supporting roles. Since, I appeared in many films in supporting roles most notably “Rakhi”, “Ready”, “Vedam” and many.

Myfirsthow : Did you receive any awards?

Saranya : In 2005 and 2006 I got best supporting artist Film Fare award, In 2006 I also got Tamil Nadu State Government award in the Best Character Artist Category and In 2007 I got Cinematograph award for best supporting artist. Now I am crossing almost 75 Films on the whole. I feel that second entry as character artist is better than as heroine because I got a good response and I also feel more comport as character artist rather than a heroine.

Myfirsthow : You acted as heroine and also as character artist. Which you feel better?

Saranya : As I told you that I feel my second entry (after marriage) as character artist is more successful than as a heroine. Personally I also feel much comfort with my second entry because as heroine, basically I am very conservative person and  I used to wear very glamorous clothes when I was a heroine which I will feel discomfort in wearing those dresses. In every movie I used have a lot of misunderstanding with all my directors and co-starts regarding when they used to expect me to wear fancy clothes when I refuse, so, that used to be a very big minus point as far as when I was a heroine and I used to put so many rejections to lot of things like I wont act like this and like and that was one major reason why I was not very successful as heroine.

Now, when I am doing the character role every thing what is suitable to my conditions are automatically falling in Place. Now, the expectations are not there, such kinds of demands are not there and the roles which I am playing are totally suitable to my basic personal character.  I feel very comfortable and I don’t have any mental tensions about what they ask me to do. Now, I have lot of respect in the industry among the co stars because of my characters what I play.  Totally I am really happy about what I am doing now.

Myfirsthow : How you feel working for “Komaram Puli”?

Saranya : As far as “Komaram Puli” is concerned, in the beginning I was totally unhappy because the role demanded a lot of hard work, like had to do a lot of hard work that kind of hard work played a lot of hazards to my health, I had to be in plenty of water for long time, I faced lot of health complications like Sinus problems because of rain scenes I shot for them and I felt that why accepted this movie. I told you that now, I comfortable with my roles only because I am not suffering doing any thing, I am happily working but contradicting that this movie was really hard work to me which I really didn’t want to do, there is upset totally, I think that why I ever accepted this movie, to that level I was depressed. But, when I finished my work I felt that this is one of the master pieces I have done, good that Surya selected me and thank that he selected me. Initially I was little worried but later on I changed my thinking and I am really happy that what I did.

Myfirsthow : Cloud you tell us your role in “Komaram Puli”?

Saranya : In “Komaram Puli”, I played a mother character which is one of the important characters in this movie. Actually in a super star’s movie to get a role where you have some thing to perform is very rare, usually heroine gets a next prior importance but in this movie I played a role which is very prominent, I have so many wonderful scenes attached to me and so much of lovely dialogues I had spoken. Opposite of super star  I am a character artist but I am doing some thing very equivalent to him and through out the film I am standing with him which gives me a lot pride and I am very happy about it.

Myfirsthow : Tell us about Director S.J.Surya?

Saranya : Surya is very sincere and I think workaholic is a right word for him. He is very crazy and mad about his project. He will do any thing and go to any extent to get his work done. He loves his project and I feel that the man who is crazy about his project should definitely win. He is not making a movie because he is getting paid, he also wants to say as one director and he accepted a movie for a producer, it is not on those grounds, if he is doing the movie he is mad on it. To work like him is impossible, that’s why I founded very difficult because to keep in pace with his kind of involvement for me it’s very difficult. I really pray for his success because he did a lot of hard work and I think he deserve it. As far as Surya concerned he is like my really brother and I wish him a lot of success.

Myfirsthow : Till now you acted in soft roles what are the reasons behind that, do select like that or its fortunate happening ?

Saranya :  As every one knows that for an artist what image gets through her/his first film it will continue and ithe same thing also happened with me. In my first film “Nayagan”, I look like a soft and innocent girl and fortunately its suits to my face. So, later on all the character all related to like that (Soft).