Exclusive: Dear Comrade Plot Revealed!

Dear Comrade Plot Revealed

Vijay Deverakonda’s Dear Comrade is all set for a grand release this Friday. The promotions of the movie are going on aggressively and here is the story of the film, according to the rumors mills.

Vijay Deverakonda and Rashmika meet in a marriage of a common friend and later they play Cricket together. While Vijay’s Gang underestimates her, she surprises them with her skills and reveals that she is a state player. They become friends and later Vijay proposes to her. She rejects him to concentrate on her career. The story shifts to Hyderabad where they fall in love but Vijay’s attitude disturbs her. A previous fight comes back to confine Vijay to a hospital bed. Vexed with him, Rashmika breaks up.

Vijay studies Sounds of the Wildlife and after some days, he gets a call about a girl in depression. Rashmika happens to be the girl and he ensures that she is cured. He fights on behalf of her after Learning the misbehavior of her coach. But things go in a different way from there. How their love story ends is the ending of the film. This is the story doing rounds in the Filmnagar. We have to wait till the movie release to verify it.