Exclusive Interview with Director Maruthi

Exclusive Interview with Director Maruthi

Youthful Entertainer ‘Ee Rojullo’ is all set to thrill movie lovers on 23rd of this Month. Myfirstshow.com got an opportunity to get in touch with director Maruthi who shared his first hand experience in doing the film with all news stars.  This film is jointly produced by Good Cinema Group and Maruthi Media House banners. The audio composed by J.B was recently released through Stylish Star Allu Arjun.

Myfirstshow – Good Evening Sir…Congratulations on completing ‘Ee Rojullo’. Can you please tell us about your background?

Maruthi- Good Evening…I hail from Machhilipatnam, Krishna District. I completed my studies up to graduation in Machilipatnam and then came to Hyderabad as I am passionate about animation. This eventually led to my foray into film industry.

Myfirstshow -What made you direct a film?
Maruthi- Earlier I had experience of co-producing two films and that made me think differently and do a film on my own.
Myfirstshow – What is the secret behind title ‘Ee Rojullo’?
Maruthi- Is it not good or appealing?.. There is no secret in the title. ‘Ee Rojullo’ sends a message to youth about the present day love and the after effects.

Myfirstshow – Is it your own experience that prompted you to make the film ‘Ee Rojullo?
Maruthi- No no.. I prepared a script based on my friends’ experiences and then real incidents that were reported in media and made changes accordingly to suit tollywood movie lovers. The film is a romantic entertainer with subtle message in its 2hrs 10 min duration.

Myfirstshow –The audio of the film was launched by Bunny? What is your relationship with him?
Maruthi- Bunny shares a very good relation with everyone and encourages new comers. The entire film unit is happy that audio was released by Bunny and the tunes scored by JB proved to be a hit.
Myfirstshow – Can you tell us more about the songs in the film?
Maruthi-The audio of ‘Ee Rojullo’ had earned enough craze among the youth, especially the song ‘Ring Tring’ song which the college students are using it as their ring tones and caller tones. On par with that is the direction of the film. The rushes have already impressed some of the seniors in the industry.  Ee Rojullo’ is also generating craze as far as business is concerned and is sure to become a good commercial film. This movie will not only entertain the students but also pass on a message to them. This is a feel good entertainer that can be watched by the entire family members together.

Myfirstshow – What is your experience of working with music director JB?
Maruthi– J.B’s music is excellent and caught the youth’s attention.

Myfirstshow – Why did you prefer new comers when you could have gone for so many talented and experienced pairs in tollywood?
Maruthi -Ee rojullo earned craze despite the star cast being fresh.Even though the artists are new the film will entertain the audience for complete 2 hours. ‘Ee Rojullo’ depicts the love in this present generation and the value of love. J Prabhakar Reddy’s camera work is extraordinary. Sri and Reshma are playing the romantic lead pair. They performed exactly the way I wanted. They are sure to earn a special image after this film’s release. We thank the media for their support to our film that started as a small project and later earned craze on par with the big film

Myfirstshow- myfirstshow.com wish all the best for the entire cast and crew of ‘Ee Rojullo’ on its release
Maruthi Thank you and make a point to see the film and enjoy the romantic feel of ‘Ee Rojullo’

Exclusive Interview with Director Maruthi
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