Exclusive Live Review of 'Bava'.

Exclusive Live Review of ‘Bava’.

bava 4.jpg reviewimages b Exclusive Live Review of Bava. Live Review From Theatre :

Live Rating :  2.25/5.0

>  All the departments are failed to reach the expectations of the spectators, Story line should be taken twenty years before in the time of ANR’s, NTR’s,..etc. One cannot expect how Siddharath accepted this story line. Overall it’s a great disappointment from Sidharath and debut director Rambabu.  

>   As usual with some obstructions from the Villain (Tannikalla Bharani’s son) in the Cycle race with a back ground final song “Rudrudu Ramudu”. Finally Siddharath wins the race and get wed locked heroine.

> Ahuthi Parsad came to know that Tannikalla Bahrani Son is not a right choice for his daughter, in the mean time all came to know about their marriage and villagers comes with Siddharath to ask her daughter. Then Ahuthi Prasad gives a challenge to Siddharath that he must win the cycle race held in their village to wedlock his daughter.

> Due to the insult Rajendraprasad died (Kick the bucket), after knowing the reasons behind his fathers death Siddharath’s gets angry and he goes to the Ahuthi Parasad house there is some fight between Siddharath and Ahuthi Prasad family.

> After that one of the hero’s friends informs that Heroine’s family is going to Annavaram, and then Rajendraprasad said to his son that this is the right time to impress her family and Siddharath goes to Annavaram to impress Ahuthi Prasad (Heroine’s father) family.

> Rajendraprasad convinces his daughter-in-law (heroine) to go back to her house and he will do their wedding with acceptance of her family. Heroine got convinced with him and goes back to her house.

> After completion of Flash back, Rajendraprasad accepts his sons love, fourth song “Adhira Adhira..” started and the song is good.

> Flash back started, Rajendraprasad and Sindhu Tulani (Siddharath’s mother) loves each other and they eloped from their houses and get married each other. Sindhu Tulani is a sister of Ahuthi Prasad, due their secret marriage from 14years they are living separately from their families. This entire scene materializes like ‘Love Aaj Kal’ film.

> Second half started in Rajendraprasad’s house, where both couple went to Rajendrprasad’s house by knowing their secret marriage Rajendraprasad scolds Siddharath, some discussion held between father and son. Finally Rajendraprasad starts telling the flash back to Siddharath.

>   First half of the movie is average, as usual routine story and only plus point of the movie is Siddharth. 

> By knowing about heroine’s wedding arrangements Siddharath ties a knot to Heroine in that temple secretly, with their wedding first half of the film is ended.            

> After the song, it was shown that Ahuthi Parsad fix heroine’s wedlock with Tannikella Bahraini’s. the arrangement for their wedding are started. By knowing this heroine comes out to meet Siddharath, where they both met in the temple.

> By knowing that Siddharath is her brother-in-law, heroine also gets impressed with him and she accepts his love third song “Mila Milamani Suryo” started and song is good.

> It was shown that due to their family disputes only, village got separated into two and temple (SitaRam Temple) is also separated where Ram Idol was kept in one village and Sita idol was kept in one village. It was happened 14years ago.

>  After that due to some persons in villagers Siddharth and Praneetha came to know that they belong to one family and they leaved together in their childhood. Here some scenes are shown that Ahuthi Prasad and Rajendraprasad belong to single family, they used to live together as a joint family, due to some misunderstanding they both get separated and living in two different villages.

> After the song Ahuthi Prasad was introduced as Heroine’s father, Tannikella Bharani entered as heroine’s uncle (mama) where he is trying to do wedlock of his son (Shown in negative character) with heroine.

> So far the movie is not jelled with expected comedy, it going in a slow track.

> Next scene, Siddharth and his friend went to some other village, Heroine Praneetha entered and Siddharth fell in love with her in first site and he is trying to impress her. Second song “Na Rama Chilaka” started and this song is good.

> After completion of the song, Rajendraprasad expressed his wish that he wants to his son’s wedlock in a joint family.

>  Siddharth’s mother entered, where she is scolding Siddharth regarding his examination preparation, then Siddharth’s friend entered they all planned to roam, first song “Bava Bava..” started. The picturization of this song is humors and good.

> Now, RajendraPrasad asked his villagers why they sending out his son (Siddharth) from the village, then villagers replay that due to Siddharth mischievous behavior they are facing many problems. Then Rajendraprasad explains the villagers that always his son’s behavior tends to happen good things not bad, so why they are forcing him to leave. By listening to his words villagers get comprised, Father and son moved to their house.

Movie started at a Railway station in a small village with a sendoff scene of Siddharth by his some of the villagers, where the train is ready to move. The moved and without leaving the plat for it was stooped now, Rajendraprasad had get downed from the train he introduced as father of Siddharth. Sai Kumar voice over to this entire scene was bizarre. 

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Exclusive Live Review of ‘Bava’.
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