Exclusive Live Review of 'Brindavanam'.

Exclusive Live Review of ‘Brindavanam’.

20x101 low.jpg reviewimages b Exclusive Live Review of Brindavanam.Live Review  From Theatre :

Live Rating : 3.25/5.0

> “Brindavanam with a tag line Govindudu Andari Valedale” has proved that Godvindudu (NTR) belongs to all set of audiences. Except Second half 30minutes, totally the movie is pretty good with all sorts of elements. Spectators are receiving the new look of NTR (Family hero) in a positive way and If you want a real entertainer then go and watch “Brindavanam”.      

> How Prakash raj, Srihari and entire family reacted after knowing the Drama of NTR? Do NTR selected Kajla (or) Samantha? How Kota Srinivasa Rao helped NTR? What is the actual twist? It must be watched on Big screen.

> Now, the story takes a U turn that Kajal start loving NTR and NTR also bit impressed with her. In the mean time Ajay reveals the drama of NTR in front of all family members.

> Fourth song “Vachadura” started it was picturised on NTR, Kajal and Samantha. The taking of this song was really good.     

> In the next the scene some comedy drama played between Brahmanandam, NTR and Srihari, and the comedy is very hilarious.

> Actually, NTR misleads his Original father saying that he lives in US, but now, he needs to bring his parents to the village. So, to come out from the situation he brings Brabhamanadam and Sana to the village and introduces them to Prakash Raj family as his parents.     

> Second of the film started, where NTR clears the enmity between Sri Hari and Praksah Raj and they all united. Here a problem arises for NTR, Prakash Raj, Sri hari and all the family members decided to do the NTR’s engagement with Kajal. In that process they asked him to show his parents. 

> So, far the movie is good, Comedy scenes between NTR and Venumadhav are highlights of the first half. All the ingredients like comedy, romance, and sentiments are made the film much entertaining.  The dialogues are awesome and all audiences are eagerly waiting to see the twist in the second half.  

> Here the twist arise because NTR came to Kajal house to escape her from marriage by creating a negative opinion on him, but here all are impressed with him. NTR was in dilemma, with this first half of the movie is ended.   

> In the next scenes there is some sentimental scene between NTR,Praksha Raj and his family members (Looks like a scene between Prakash Raj and Siddhartha in “Bommarillu”), in that scene it was finalized that Prakash and his family members likes NTR and they accepted to do his wedlock with Kajal.

> After the completion of the Song, again Prakash Raj and Srihari’s rivalry came on screen with a love story of a boy in Prakash Raj village with a girl of Srihari’s village. With some powerful dialogues NTR’s  clears the present rivalry between the both.

> In the mean time Kajal was forced by her family members to tell her love story, to escape from them she tells some tragedy story, third song “Nijamena” song started. Its completely a tragedy songs which shows the emotion of sadness.       

> Actually NTR was born with a silver spoon and he is very rich in City, but here in village he acts as a poor man and he is working as accountant.

> In the next scene Ahuthi Prasad and Raghu entered as Kajala’s cousins, where the both stay in Kaja’s house. They both were roaming on the roads with out any works then NTR keeps them in a right way and he made them to work in the Agricultural fields. The director created a good sentiment in this overall scene and we should appreciate Vamsi to picturise a good sentiment scene on comedians.      

> Srihari entered as rival of Prakash Raj but, Sri hari and Prakash Raj are brothers where Sri Hari is a son of Kota Srinivasarao’s Second wife.   

> So, far the movie is good, NTR is looking classy in the lover boy role while Samantha looking hotter in the modern dress and Kajal looks cute as a simple village girl.  Comedy is good until now and it spilling laughs in the theater.

> Second song “Eyi Raja” started, this song was completed pisturized on NTR and Kajal in Village backdrop. The locations were spectacular and the chemistry between NTR and Kajal was awesome.

> After all introductions in realistic way, Samantha sends her love interest NTR to save out Kajal from her critical situation, in that process NTR introduced as Kajal’s love interest in her family.    

> After the song Kajal is introduced as a Samantha’s friend who is being forced into a marriage by his father Prakash Raj with his nephew Ajay, Kajal lives in joint family where Kota Srinivasa Rao entered as Kajal’s Grand father, Thanikella Bharani entered as Prakash raj brother in law (Ajay father) who is actually a villain (Appeared in negative role).

> After completion of fight, Samantha entered as a girl friend of NTR where she takes NTR to her house in a village. First song “Evaro Evaro’” started. The song is superb and as expected NTR’s dance and new style is the highlight of the song.   

> Movie Started with Introduction of NTR with a good fight showcasing the mass elements, coming into the occurrence of fight NTR’s friend loves a girl and tried to elope with that girl then her father  tried to kill the NTR’s friend wherein the process of saving them first fight occurred.    


Exclusive Live Review of ‘Brindavanam’.
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