Exclusive Live Review of 'Endhiran/Robot'.

Exclusive Live Review of ‘Endhiran/Robot’.

robot.jpg reviewimages b Exclusive Live Review of Endhiran/Robot.Live Review started From Theatre:

Movie Live Rating : 2.75 / 5.0

> The movie was just Okay with high Quality Production Values. Watch this film Only for Graphics and Songs. Don’t expect the punch dialogues and stylish scenes of Rajiniknath and not even imagine heavy Romantic and hilarious comedy scenes also.

> The climax would be revealed on the big Screen where the movie has ended happily with heavy graphic works.

> Now, Chitti created its own world of ‘Robots’ for doing anti socio elements, Police urged Dr.Vasi to stop this, then Doctor  Vasi entered into the gang of Chitti (Because all the Robot appears as Dr.Vasi).

> Danny opposes Chitti for making thousands of Robots, but Chitti Killed Danny. In the time Chitti came to know about Dr.Vasi and Sana’s wedding, it takes Sana from Wedding Function hall, in that process it killed so many Polices and people.

> Danny used Chitti for anti social elements and he tried to sell it for terrorists. In the mean time ‘Chitti’ doesn’t obbey the commands of Danny and it created thousand ‘Robot’ of same kind (All the Robot are appears like Chitti (Rajini)).

> In the mean time Professor Danny with the help of Dr.Vasi Assistants, he re-mantles the ‘Chitti’ again with Curial commands. Now, this new ‘Chiiti’ will do only harm to the society, but ‘Chitti’ still loves Sana.

> Later on Dr.Vasi introduced ‘Chitti’ to  Indian military, but ‘Chitti’ was not approved there because of its miss misbehavior (During the test Chitti tells un useful things like it loves Sana). Dr.Vasi became angry and he dismantles ‘Chitti’(Robot). He was in a depression about ‘Robot’ when Sana gives the moral support, next song started.

> In the next scene, ‘Chitti’ tells to Dr.Vasi that it loves Sana then Dr.Vasi and Sana tried to convince ‘Chitti’ but, it didn’t convinced with the words of them. In the mean time Danny tried to pollute ‘Chitti but it rejects the words (commands) given by Danny.

> Second half  of the film started, where ‘Robot’ starts reacting with Sana’s kiss and it starts loving Sana. Next song “Enumula Hrudayam..” started. The song is fine where the all dancers are costumed like a ‘Robot’.

> So, far the movie is okay with extraordinary Quality and high production values. It’s completely a scientific film where the Ranjini’s action as a ‘Robot’ is marvelous when compares with normal human (as a scientist).

> ‘Chitti’ became very famous in the world, Now, Dr.Vasi showed to Professor Danny that Chitti have human Sense. Then Danny replied that your problems start now onwards. With this first half of the film is ended.

> One day ‘Chiiti’ saved a woman in Sana hostel who is trying to give a birth to a child, where the doctors said that it’s impossible to save mother and child. But, ’Chitti’ saved both and proved that it have Human Senses. Sana impressed with Chitti and Kisses it.

> Now, Dr.Vasi decided to imbues the human senses like Happy, Hurt, Love and etc in “Chitti’. He again started of modifying ‘Chitti’ and he succeed in imbues human emotions into it. 

> Dr.Vasi went with a depression that his aim is not fulfilled, In the mean time there was  afire accident held in his near apartments, where Dr.Vasi used ‘Chitti’ to save the people from Fire accidents and ‘Chitti also saved many people from the accident. But, unfortunately, with a small incident ‘Chitti’ again proved that it didn’t have the human Sense and ‘Chitti’ was responsible for the death of a girl.  

> Finally, ‘Chitti’ was rejected in the test due to the lack of human Sense.

> In the process of Testing Professor Danny (Villain), miss coded the ‘Chitti’ to murder the inventor Dr.Vasi where ‘Chitti’ tried to murder Dr.Vasi but in the last moment Danny (Villain) stopped the ‘Chitti’ and he proved that ‘Chitti’ didn’t have human sense, so there might be a chance to kill our soldiers only.  

> Actually, the aim of Dr.Vasi to invent ‘Robot’ is that he wants to use it for Indian Army to save the lives of many soldiers. For that he needs an approval from Indian government, so, ‘Chitti’ is tested by many Indian scientists.

> So, far the movie is okay with some comedy, romantic and a single fight sequences. The graphics from Stan Winston studios are amazing. Till the Shankar’s frame work is very good and he also keeps bringing the social issues (like Scientist wants to utilize Robot for Social issues). 

> Finally, Chitti and Sana returned back to Dr.Vasi and Sana praised Chitti a lot. Second song “Robot Robot..” started. The song is extraordinary and the Robot costumes of Rajinikanth and Ash are really fantastic. 

> With the help of ‘Chitti’ Sana cleared her Medical examinations. After completion  of Exams Chitti and Sana are returning back to Dr.Vasi where in the train there is a fight scene  between Chitti and some unknown persons who disturbed Sana. The fight scene was extraordinary.  

>  ‘Chitti’ got a great fame in the Seminar and Dr.Vasi was recognized as international scientist. In the next scene Sana asks Dr.Vasi that she wants to take Chitti to her hostel for two days where he accepts. Sana took Chitti to her hostel.     

> After completion of song, Dr.Vasi introduced ‘Chitti’ to the world through international seminar. Here villain ‘Danny Denzongpa’ entered. Danny is a lecturer of Dr.Vasi, he felt some guilty conscious (Ego) because his student Dr.Vasi introduced a great “Robot” where he was unable to do.    

> First song “O Baby O Baby” started, the song is good which was shot in spectacular locations. The camera work is superb.  

> In the next scene Dr.Vasi came to Sana’s hostel ( Sana is Medical Student staying in the hostel), but she rejects to meet him. Anyway finally Dr.Vasi meet Sana, some romantic scenes between them.

> Finally he succeeded of inventing Humanoid “Robot”. Dr.Vasi’s mother keeps the name of “Robot” as ‘Chitti’.

>  Dr.Vasi is seriously working to invent Humanoid with a back drop song “Robo Robo Ga..”.

> Dazzling beauty ‘Aishwarya Rai Bachan’ was introduced as ‘Sana’ who is trying to meet Dr.Vasi. One day ‘Sana’ came to Dr.Vasi’s office to meet him, but he rejects. Backdrop song “Newton Sutrama…”.

> Movie started with the introduction of ‘Rajinikanth’ without any hype. Rajini was introduced as a Scientist ‘Dr.Vasi’ who is struggling from 10 years to invent Humanoid “Robot”.


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Exclusive Live Review of ‘Endhiran/Robot’.
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