Exclusive Live Review of 'Kalyanram Kathi'.

Exclusive Live Review of ‘Kalyanram Kathi’.

mfskalyanramkathinews.jpg reviewimages b Exclusive Live Review of Kalyanram Kathi. Live Review from Theatre:

Live Rating : 2.5/5.0

> Overall it’s a general sister sentiment story which must be shown few years back, screenplay is average, some scenes of Kalynram which are shown without make up are not that much impressive, expect Kalyanram’s dance everything is quite average. Role of heroine Sana Khan is not shown in an impressive manner, she played an average role. Finally, this film may run in B and C centres for couple of weeks.  

> With an extraordinary fight, Kalayanram rescues Shyam and his father Kota, happy ending.

> Shyam came to known about his fathers plan and he attacks Kalyaram ram. In the mean time Munuswamy tries to kill Shyam.

> Gradually, Shyam reforms and start loving his wife Saranya, But, Kota does not like that, he tells Kalyanram to kill Saranya. They both planned to kill Sranaya on a particular day.

> Kota Srinivasa Rao has another son Ajay, he tries to rape his Sister-in-law Saranya and Kalyanram  beat Ajay and hospitalizes him.

> Kalyanram wants to change all these guys and wants to settle Saranya in that house happily. So, he started his game to change Shyam, Kota Srinivasa Rao and his family.

> Kalyanram lies that he came to village to take revenge on Munuswamy. So, Kota keeps him as his right hand because through Kalyanram he wants to kill Munuswamy .

> He comes back to Kota Srinivasa Rao’s house with his sister Saranaya, but he didn’t tell that he is the brother of Sranaya. Kota likes Kalyanram because he brought his daughter-in-law Sranaya back to his house.

> Kalyanram came to known about Shyam, Kota Srinvasa rao and their rivalry with Munuswamy. Then he starts his game now.

> Second half started with the entrance of Kota Srinivas as a father of Shyam, he is living in a village and Kota Srinivas Rao family has a rivalry with Munuswamy.

> So far the story is not gripping in the first half with a normal screenplay and till now the movie is pretty average.

> Saranya tells Kalyanram about her forced marriage, with this first part of the film is ended.

> In the mean time Shyam marries Saranya without her interest. After that she escapes from his house, shyam tries to kill her in the railway station then Kalyanram rescues her.

> Kalyanram suspects minister’s son and beats him for Saranya’s whereabouts. Later, he came to known that Shyam kidnapped her.

> Hero-ine fell in love with Kalyanram. General, love story begins. Suddenly Kalyanram’s sister Saranya disappeared from trail room.

> So, far the movie is pretty average. 

> As usual general teasing scenes between hero and heroine. After a good fight, there are some terrific dialogues by Kalyanram.

> Hero-ine Sana Khan was introduced while giving ride to hero. Expect Kalyanram’s introduction, remaining Heroine and Saranya’s introduction are pretty average. 

> Next scene, Saryana Mohan introduced as a sister of Kalyanram and Chandra mohan entered as father of Kalyanram. It’s a happy living family without a complaints and hurdles.

> Movie started with the introduction of Kalyanram, he is good football player. Kalyanram acts as very innocent in front of family his members, but outside he is a real hero for bad guys.

Exclusive Live Review of ‘Kalyanram Kathi’.
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