Exclusive Live Review of 'Orange'.

Exclusive Live Review of ‘Orange’.

orangeposters11125172610.jpg reviewimages b Exclusive Live Review of Orange. Live Review Started  :

Live Rating : 3.0/5.0

> The film is above average with all set of elements and the story may not reach the Telugu audiences. All the departments had done a good job but the dialogues are not much punching what fans expected from Ram Charan Teja Film. Ultimately, it will definitely reach ‘A’ centre audiences and we need to wait and see about ‘B’ and ‘C’ centres.

>  He convinces Genelai and his father, he gives the assurance for his love and long relation. Finally its happy ending love story.

> Naga Babu Words impressed Ram Charan Teja, so he went to Genelia says that he will try to make a constant relation with her. Genelia asks the assurance about his love and she rejects,  sixth song ‘Chilipiga Chustava..’ started.    

> Some conflicts scenes between Genelia and Ram Charan Teja, then producer of this film Naga Babu entered where he took some lecture to Ram Charan Teja that Love is not short and sweet relation, it will be sweeter when we make long relation.

> In the next scene, Deepika’s fathers came to know about his daughters love and he accepts it. He asks Ram Charan Teja about their wedding then Ram Charan Teja’s tells that he cant assure long relation with his daughter and he tells frankly that he doesn’t wants to live in lie by making long relation with his daughter. With this his first love story came to end and first flash back ended. 

> So far the second half of the film is going in a low pace…

> Ram Charan Teja and Deepika started loving each other where he is started telling lie to her to pay the attention of her. Then Ram Charan Teja feels that love is nothing but lie and it’s hard to continue the relation for long time.

> Ram Charan Teja meet Deepika in Mumbai local rain, next “Ruba Ruba…” song started and dance done by Ram Charan Teja is mind blowing, it’s simply superb.

> After the song, Ram Charan Teja started telling flash back to Genelia (Flash Back in Flash Back), where second heroine Deepika Shetty introduced in Mumbai. 

> In that process Fourth song started….

> Second half started, it’s going leisurely where Ram Charan Teja wants to show Genelia that love is just an infatuation it doesn’t live for long time and he trying to prove that.  

> The first half of the film is good, the movie went up with time pass and Ram Charan Teja excels himself excellent. 

> Genelia’s father knows about Ram Charan Teja love story, then he fix her wedding with another boy, but due to Ram Charan Teja that wedding is cancelled. With this first half of the film has came ended.  

> In the mean time some comedy scenes on Brahmanandam (Puppy) are shown, they are quite humorous and Ram Charan Teja stills continuous roaming around Genelia and third song ‘Hello ramantu…’ started.

> By knowing about his nature  Genelia tries to avoid Ram Charan Teja, but he still continuous roaming around her.

> Madhurima tells about Ram Charan Teja nature that he can’t stick to a single love for long time, she also tells that he is very good personality, he loves a person more than himself but he didn’t show any interest to continue his love for long time. Next song “Nenu Nuvvu antu…” sing started and it is very melodious.

> Again flash back started, Genelia friend asks Ram Charan Teja that why he rejected Genelia’s love?. Then he takes her to his ex- girl friend. Now, Madhurima entered as his ex-girl friend.

>   So, far the film is going in a time pass way…

> One day Genelia accepts Ram Charan Teja’s love but at that time he rejects her love. With this flash black stopped and general travelling scene between Prakash Raj and hero are shown.      

> After the completion of the song, Brahmanandam penetrated as ‘Puppy’ and some comedy scene on ‘Puppy’. In the mean time Ram Charan Teja is roaming around Genelia for his love.   

> In the flash back, Genelia and Ram Charan are shown in a scene with general clash between both, ‘Sydney Nagram…’ song started. 

> As usual at the end of the fight scene Prakash Raj introduced as a Police Officer. On the way to the police station he questions Ram Charan Teja and Ram Charan Teja started telling flash back to him.     

> After the title end, Ram Charan Teja comes as a Painter and he is giving colors to some painting, at that moment Prabhu entered and scolds Ram Charan Teja that the painting is related to his daughter. Some fight scene started between Ram Charan Teja and Prabhu Gang. 

> Movie started with the entrance of Hero Ram Charan Teja with a sad background song, where he is driving a car in Australia. And the Titles are rolling on the screen with this Sad back drop song.  

Exclusive Live Review of ‘Orange’.
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