Exclusive Live Review of Yemaindi Eevela.

Live Review from Theatre :

Live Rating : 2.5/5.0

> Overall, it’s an average flick with general romantic story. Varun Sandesh is on same track, failed in selecting the stories and as Kajal Agarwal sister debut Nisha also didn’t succeed in her first film we need to wait for some time to see her better performance.  Finally, this film is strictly for a set of youth audience.

> Unfortunately, these four members met in club, where Srinu and Avanthi felt little bit embarrassed. After that they came to realize about there minute mistakes. And finally they forget entire mistakes and cancelled to take the divorce. as usual Happy ending.      

> Shashank decided to marry Avanthi and that girl also accepted to marry Srinu, but they wants to go with register marriage.

> Common, Internal disputes started in their married, these disputes went to a high range and finally they both separated each other and decided to take divorce.  Flash back ended.

> In the next scene M.S.Narayana entered some comedy scenes were happened.

> One day, Srinu’s mother came to their house and she expressed that both Srinu and Avanthi family members felt bad because they both married secretly and before leaving she blessed the both.

> Second half of the film is started the married life of Srinu and Avanthi, they both stayed in house at Ameerpet, Hyderabad.

> So, far the movie is average, it’s like a general romantic entertainer.

> One day, they both decided to go marry and without informing their parents they wedded secretly and stayed in the house. With this first half of the movie is ended.

> Later no, Srinu and Avanthi  both attracted each other, its just like an infatuation. General love track is going on.

> General teasing scenes between both, here it was revealed that Nisha name as ‘Avanthi’ and Varun Sandesh Name a ‘Srinu’. Nisha resides in a hostel with her five roommates and Varun sandesh resides in a room. They both are located in Ameerpet, Hyderabad.

> So, far the film is going in a low pace, like a normal love story.    

> Friendship started between both, Unfortunately Varun Sandesh didn’t passed in that interview and he feels that Nisha is unlucky girl, due to her help only he didn’t get that job. So, he wants to take a revenge on her and started teasing her.    

> Flash back started, where Varun Sandesh is in a Xerox shop near Ameerpet, Hyderabad and he is in hurry to go for an interview. He needs a change of a rupee to give to Xerox shop owner but, he didn’t have the change, then Nisha helped him.  

> Varun Sandesh said to the girl that this is the second marriage for him and Nisha also tells to Shashank that this is a second marriage to her. They both started telling Flash back.   

> Here, Varun Sandesh parents arranged wedding of his with an unknown girl, where he is waiting in a restaurant to meet and she came. In the mean time same thing is going with Nisha also, where she came to meet the boy where her parents had chosen for her and he is Shanshank.

> Movie started with Varun Sandesh waiting for some in a Restaurant and Nisha Agarwal (Heroine) also introduced in the same that she also waiting of some one in a restaurant.