Exclusive: Nandini Reddy Interview

Nandini Reddy, who shot to fame with the film ‘Ala Modalaindi’ in 2011, spurned many offers in between and after long hibernation is coming with the film ‘Jabardasth’ in a couple of days. She gets candid with myfirstshow.com team about her film journey to her future projects, of course dwelling on ‘Jabardasth’.

Myfirstshow : What was the reason between so much gap between ‘Ala Modalaindi’ and ‘Jabardasth’?

Nandini Reddy : Right from the moment ‘Ala Modalaindi’ turned out to be a super hit, I was flooded with offers. However after going through all the struggles, I just don’t want to take a film so quickly amidst high expectations riding on ‘Ala Modalaindi’. I felt it was a bit risky. I felt let me enjoy myself after all the struggles underwent by me during the making of ‘Ala Modalaindi’.

Myfirstshow : Don’t you feel ‘Ala Modalandi’ always be in people’s mind and whenever you come with a new film, people tend to compare it with ‘Ala Modalaindi’?

Nandini Reddy : Yes. One cannot help it. But with the passing of time, those comparisons will reduce which will lighten my burden.

Myfirstshow : You spoke about your struggle during ‘Ala Modalaindi’. How did you come into films, how did you reach this stage?

Nandini Reddy : I made by debut when I was introduced by Gurram Gangaraju as an assistant director for the film ‘Little Soldiers’. When Rasool Ellore introduced me to Krishna Vamsi, at first he refused to take me into his team and later actress Ramyakrishna forced him to take me on board. This helped me to be in his team right from ‘Chandralekha to Hindi remake of ‘Anthahpuram’. Krishnavamsi later sent me to D.Suresh Babu and even though I have been there for three years, I have not realised my dream of becoming a director.

Coming to ‘Ala Modalaindi’ struggle, I faced lot of problems regarding finances, no proper theaters available and it was struggle for producers.

Myfirstshow : Did ‘Jabardasth’ come out of box for you?

Nandini Reddy :One can say out of mind also. Many people after watching ‘Ala Modalaindi’ climax remarked to me, why don’t you make film based on ‘Ala Modalaindi’ climax. This inspired me to write a story and script. 

Myfirstshow : Do you say then ‘Jabardasth’ has ‘Ala Modalaindi’ shades?

Nandini Reddy :I don’t say it is a copy or has ‘Ala Modalaindi’ shades but is just inspired by ‘Ala Modalaindi’ climax. Many felt climax was a laughing riot. ‘Jabardasth’ is completely out and out laughing riot, right from start to finish. People from all age groups can enjoy it.

Myfirstshow : Did you have Siddharth in mind when you wrote the story?

Nandini Reddy :In fact I prepared a script for Sidddharth but this is not the one. It happened just like that and after watching his ‘Love Failure’ I felt that he would suit the role. When I narrated the script to Samantha she readily agreed.

Myfirstshow : What about Nitya Menon’s role? 

Nandini Reddy : Nitya’s role is cute little one and I can not reveal more about it as there is suspense element associated with it. 

Myfirstshow : Siddharth once remarked that the ‘Jabardasth’ will give him a huge hit? Do you agree since he is doing mass role for the first time?

Nandini Reddy :Yes.. Not only for Siddharth, even for Samantha, the film will remain as a milestone in their careers. 

Myfirstshow :Tell us about the technicians and producer?

Nandini Reddy :Half the burden is gone with Bellamkonda Suresh supporting the film in a big way. Producer Damodar Prasad also has been extremely co-operative and all the technicians are talented a lot. There were four cameramen and all gave their hundred percent support. Coming to Thaman, the film has given him scope to experiment which he tried with Quawwali.

Myfirstshow : But the song ‘Allah Allah’ faced censor problems?

Nandini Reddy : I don’t understand why censor board object to those words. Bollywood films like ‘Race’ and ‘Ek Tha Tiger’ have songs like Allah Duhai Hai and Masha alla Masha alla which are appreciated even in Dubai. But censor board went overboard and objected to stars dancing to those words. I don’t want to fight them and so reluctantly agreed to the changes.

Myfirstshow : Is the title ‘Jabardasth’ decided at the start of the project?

Nandini Reddy : It happened in the middle. Since I was born and bought up in Hyderabad, the word struck me and I felt it is the apt title.

Myfirstshow : What does ‘Jabardasth’ team offer to movie lovers?

Nandini Reddy :Movie lovers will have roller coaster ride with ‘Jabardasth’. We are offering Bhelpuri mix with all the stars who are on comedy carnival for two and half hours duration.

Myfirstshow : Tagubothu Ramesh created laughing riot in ‘Ala modalaindi’. He is playing important role in the film. Don’t you feel the same drunkard roles for him are making monotonous?

Nandini Reddy :Some people are made especially for those roles and people don’t get tired watching them appear in these roles again and again. There are many stars that made those roles a niche for themselves.

Myfirstshow : Can you throw some light on Siddharth, Samantha and Nitya Menon’s characters?

Nandini Reddy :Actually it is not ethical to do so but at the outlook Siddharth plays a mass character who doesn’t know how to speak English. Samantha’s role is a mix of ‘Ye Maya Chesave’ and ‘Yeto Vellipoindi Manasu’. Nitya will be seen in the role which she has never done before. 

Myfirstshow : Is the Tamil version releasing simultaneously?

Nandini Reddy : It will be releasing in summer.

Myfirstshow : Now that you are a top director, can we expect you to direct top heroes soon?

Nandini Reddy : I don’t consider myself a top director yet and get burdened with pressure and expectations. I will take things as they come and if it has to happen, I may direct top star.

MyfirstshowWhat about your future projects?

Nandini Reddy : some are in the pipeline and discussions are going on. So I can not divulge more on that.

Myfirstshow.com signed off wishing ‘Jabardasth’ director and her team all success.