Exclusive Saradaga Kasepu Live Review

Exclusive Saradaga Kasepu Live Review

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Live Report From Theatre :

Movie Live Rating : 2.25/5

> Vamsi promoted this movie as  is an exclusive entertainer, but he was not succeeded in giving the entertainment to the spectators. As Vamsi should be constant on story, more than showing the locations of Godavari. Comedy is not reached the expectations of audiences and they are alot of  boring moments. The performance of Naresh, Srinivas and Madhurima are good and remaining comedy artists performances are as usual (up to the mark).    

> How Ranga Babu married his lover Mani Mala? What happened with Sreenu and Chitti Babu? Were Raja Babu and Neelakantam accepted their daughters love? Must be watched in the big screen

> Raja Rao arranges the wedding of Mani Mala with Sreenu and his brother Neelakantam arranges the wedding of his daughter (Mani Mala’s sister) with Chitti babu, but actually Neelakantam daughter loves Ranga Bau’s friend.

> In the next scene it has shown that Chitti Babu and Sreenu both are friends, where Sreenu tells the real fact that Ranga Babu is acting in his place. Then Chittibabu tells the entire fact to the Gajapathi, Raja Rao and Neelakantam. By knowing the fact they all send out Ranga Babu from the house.

> Ranga Babu forces Raja Babu to arrange the wedding with Mani Mala. In the mean time Chitti Babu made a compromise between both brothers Raja Rao and Neelakantanam.    

> Second half of the movie is started with comedy track of Neelakantam and Chitti Babu. Here in this comedy scene it had showed that Raja Babu and Chitti babu are brother and they had a revelry regarding in their property issue.

> So, far the movie is totally dull, comedy track is old, story wise there is nothing new, let us wait see whether second half will be anything better than first half.

> After completion of the Sreenu threatened the Ranga Babu to go back and leave his love, but Ranga Babu said that he will continue as Bridegroom. With this first half of the movie is ended.  

> After Ranga Babu tells the fact to Mani Mala, then she impressed with his sincerity and accepts his love. Third song “Nee palukulu” started , song is melodious.    

> In the mean time Sreenu also fell in love with Mani Mala, where he is trying to prove himself as bridegroom, but Raja Rao and his family doesn’t believe in his words. 

> In the next scene Ranga Babu thinks that Mani Mala as servant maid in Raja Rao’s house and he also fell in love in Mani Mala and he proposes her. Second song “Magadheera Sukumara” started and the song s good.

> So far the movie is not up to the mark and comedy doesn’t reach the expectation of spectators.

> After completion of the song, M.S.Narayana entered as “Neelakantam” and Krishna Bhagavan entered as “Chitti Raju” where he is the legal advisor of Neelakantam. They are some good comedy scenes between both.

> But, Raja  Rao showers affection on Ranga Babu (driver) because Gajapathi informed that his son is coming as driver. Mani Mala also treats Ranga babu as bride groom and she fell in love with him and First song started.  The song is good with exotic locations. 

> Sreenu made a plan that he will go the Mani Mala house as driver and diver Ranga babu as an owner. By knowing this Gajapathi informs the Raja Rao about his son’s plan. But in the middle of travelling to Mani Mala’s house Sreenu changed his plan due to some reasons. They went to Raja Rao’s house as original (Sreenu as owner and Ranga Babu as driver)

> Madhurima entered as “Mani Mala” daughter of Raja Rao (Ahuthi Prasad). Gajapathi wants to fix the wedding of his son with Mani Mala, but Sreenu said that he want to test the girl before wedding. So, he wants to stay in Raja Rao house for 10 days to test the girl (Mani Mala) and her family

> Gajapathi wants to do the wedding for his only son Sreenu and he is in search of bride for his son. In the mean time Kondavalasa entered as friend of Gajapathi where he wants to do wedlock of his daughter with Gajapathi son Sreenu, but Gajapathi rejects and tell that he already found the girl for his son.

> Allari Naresh named as “Ranga Babu”, Avasarala Srinivas as “Sreenu” and Jeeva named as “Gajapati”.

> Movie started with the entrance of Allari naresh where he works as a driver for Jeeva. Avasarala srinivas entered as an NRI (US returned) where he is only son Jeeva .

Exclusive Saradaga Kasepu Live Review
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