Exclusive: YVM First Overseas Report

Exclusive: YVM First Overseas Report

Story Line:  Love in four stages of life as kids, in School, at 20 and 24 years of age!

Gautham Menon’s latest movie ‘Yeto Vellipovindhi Manasu’ starring Nani and Samantha has been screened today in USA. According to first show talk from the audiences the movie is average though the movie is directed by Gautham Menon who has earlier made successful films like ‘Yem Maya Chesave’. Movie is very slow and several dull scenes. B, C centers can scratch their heads and even "A" center audiance need some patience to watch the filem.  Except ‘Yedi Yedi’ song other songs are just OK on the screen. Nothing special in back ground music.

Climax is some what better than other part of the movie.

Overall the movie is not up to the mark and just an average which may appeal to some younger audiance but not all!

Note: This report is based on feed back of several people who watched the movie and  to whom we spoke.

Myfirstshow review will follow in couple of hours.

Exclusive: YVM First Overseas Report
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