F2 6 Days Collections

F2 – Fun and Frustration has reached the breakeven mark in almost all territories except in ceded. The film has achieved this feat in its 6 days of its run. In ceeded the film may reach break even on Today. The film has collected 31.04 Cr in its 6 days of its run. It is the only Sankranthi Venture which has reached Breakeven up to now.

Here are the area wise 6 days shares

Area Pre Release Business 6 days shares
Nizam 9 Cr 10.58 Cr
Ceeded 5 Cr 4.13 Cr
UA   3.94 Cr
Guntur   2.82 Cr
East   3.70 Cr
West   2.07 Cr
Krishna   2.80 Cr
Nellore   1 Cr
AP/TS 28 Cr 31.04 Cr