F2 Live Review

Last updated on August 2nd, 2019 at 12:35 pm

Live Rating: 3.25/5.0

The first half of the movie is pretty good with nice comedy which made the audience laugh. Second half of the movie has comedy but it was not that much connected compared to the first half. After a long time family audience will see Venkatesh in full swing of entertainment. Varun did justice to his role. Director should have used Rajendraprasad and Vennalakishore’s comedy and talents.
When it comes to female leads Tammanna did her role well whereas Mehreen has failed in some scenes. Second half songs were good compared to the first half. After a long time, Tollywood witnessed a full-length comedy movie. Director Anil Ravipudi didn’t focus much on the story but he succeeded with comedy especially first half. Overall family audiences will enjoy this movie for Sankranthi.

1.25 AM IST: Time for few sentimental scenes movie comes to the end

1.20 AM IST: Movie is heading towards climax

1.15 AM IST: Time for “Ding Dong” song. Anasuya entry shaking legs with Varun and Venkatesh

1.10 AM IST: Prakash Raj came to know the truth That Varun and Venkatesh are husbands of Tamannaah and Mehreen. Prakash Raj pushes Varun and Venkatesh into jail. Movie shifted to present.

1.00 AM IST: Time for “Dhan Dhan” song it’s an outdoor song. At the end of the song Tamannaah and Mehreen gets engaged.

Rajendra Prasad comedy is not so good

12.50 AM IST: Time for Bikini scene. Venkatesh started his comedy

12.45 AM IST: Venella Kishore entry as comedy don. He is planning to kill Prakash Raj.

F2: $90,870 from 84 locations as of 02:00 PM EST

12.40 AM IST: Varun and Venkatesh get close to Prakash Raj and entered his house. They are trying to prove Tamannaah and Mehreen in a bad light.

12.35 AM IST: Hari Teja’s entry. Tamannaah and Mehreen planning to get married with Satyam Rajesh and Subbaraju within 10 days.

12.30 AM IST: Prakash Raj, Prudhvi, and Srinivas entered the scene. Satyam Rajesh and Subbaraju entry as Prakash Raj sons

12.25 AM IST: Tamannaah and Mehreen came to Europe and they started cursing Venkatesh and Varun.

12.20 AM IST: Second half opens with a song “Rechipodham Brother” between these three friends in Europe. The song is good.

The first half of the film is good, with nice entertainment. Especially Venkatesh is giving justice for his role up to now. Varun tej’s Telangana slag is another highlight. Songs are just ok on screen nothing special. We have to wait and see if the director can continue with this same kind of comedy in the second half too.

12.00 AM IST: Rajendra Prasad, Varun Tej, Venkatesh became friends now. These three friends are Planning to go Europe leaving their family.

So far the movie is going on with good comedy scenes

11.50 PM IST: Time for “Girra Girra” song both Actresses are shaking legs with Varun and Venkatesh. A lot of skin show by Tamannaah and Mehreen

11.45 PM IST: Venkatesh keeps MLA( Ravi Babu) in his control. Time For Varun Tej engagement. Same scenes repeating what Venkatesh faced during his engagement.

11.40 PM IST: Venkatesh challenges his family that Mehreen had a boyfriend. He is in search to prove this

11.35 PM IST: Venkatesh entry into the scenes with time for Venkys mark of comedy, and he is giving his best comedy.

11.30 PM IST: Varun and Mehreen were lovers Time for second song “Honey is the Best”

11.25 PM IST: Now, Mehreen came to stay in Venkatesh’s home, the story shifted to present storyline, Varun Tej started narrating his flashback to Nassar. Priyadarshi entry as varun’s friend

11.20 PM IST: Differences started between Tamannaah and Venkatesh. Venky started his venky Asanam. Rajendraprasad ‘s entry as neighbour.

11.15 PM IST: Time for first song “Entho Fun”. Mehreen entry as Tamannaah sister. Tamannaah and Venkatesh gets married.

11.10 PM IST: Venkatesh works as PA for an MLA (Ravibabu), Venkatesh goes to Tamannaahs place for match finding, As of now comedy scenes are good.

$73,653 from 77 locations As of 12:30 PM EST

11.00 PM IST: Movie rolled back to flashback, Movie shifted to India. Tamannaahs entry

10.50 PM IST: Movie opened in a foreign location, with Varun tej and Venkatesh’s entry and they got arrested and comedy scenes going on. Titles rolling

10.40 PM IST: Movie Just Started

F2 – Fun and Frustration is all set to hit screens in a grand manner. The film has been awarded U/ A certificate without any cuts. The film is coming up with a runtime of 148 Minutes. Victory Venkatesh and Mega Prince Varun Tej are coming together for this multi-starrer for which young director Anil Ravipudi is wielding the Megaphone. Watch this space for live review and it will be updated on 11th – 10:40 PM IST.

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