F2 Inching Towards Break even

F2 – Fun and Frustration is inching near to break even mark. The film which was sold for 34 Cr worldwide has collected nearly 32.03 Cr in 5 days of its run. In Telugu states, the film has collected 25.83 Cr which means the film will reach breakeven by today. So it will be good news for the buyers as it is entering into the profit zone today.

The film which was the last release of Sankranthi films has reached the breakeven mark.

Here are the area wise collections of F2 folks

Area collections
East 3.09 Cr
West 1.74 Cr
UA 3.15 Cr
Guntur 2.33 Cr
Nellore 0.84 Cr
Krishna 2.30 Cr
Ceeded 3.42 Cr
Nizam 8.96 Cr
Total 25.83 Cr

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