Fade Out Beauty Raised New Controversy

Tollywood Actress Poonam Kaur is a talented actress but has failed to reach her dream. The actress has walked out of the limelight in a short span. The fade-out beauty surprised all by paying tributes to NTR at NTR ghat. After paying tributes to NTR, Poonam Kaur took social media as a platform and solicited for blessings of NTR to fight the evil.

Who is that evil, that Poonam Wants to fight with? Is the big question raised with the tweet? Many debates and word of wars are happening in between Two Star hero fan Groups.

Here is the Poonam Kaur Tweet

“#NTRJayanthi ……. god of Telugu people …bless me from heaven …. bless me that I fight the evils ….. leaders like you n actors like u are the most needed now where there is humanity lacking ….#NTRamaRao #Hero” along with her video of paying respects.