Fake collections announcement becoming trend

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Generally filmmakers from across the region especially Tollywood are accused of boasting with fake collections for star heroes films to satisfy the ego of fans by claiming the box office records. This is making many wonders why they do so rather than be honest in their claims and increase their credibility. But stunningly all the small heroes and flop film makers are also following the same trend to create hype on the film even after release.

If we keep aside all the earlier fake collections announcement of Star heroes, here is the shocking and surprisingly fake collection report of comedian turned hero has given a big jolt to all. Coming into the news, yesterday released Comedian turned hero Shakalaka Shankar’s ‘Shamboo Shankara’ acquired huge negative talk and the film turned out a flop.

It is an open fact that the film doesn’t have crazy and it’s hard to get good collections on the first day. But producers released the fake collections report poster saying that the film collected 2crores 5 lakhs 18 thousand 125 rupees in 585 theaters on the first day. Even common man can say that this poster reports fake collections and makers miss guiding the film lovers.   At this juncture, movie lovers are requesting all the filmmakers to reveal only genuine collections of movies and not to make this fake collections announcement as a trend in Tollywood. But will they pay heed of them? A Herculean task indeed for all filmmakers!! Watch this space for more updates.

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