Fans furious on Baahubali

Prabhas, Rana, Tamanna, Anushka’s ‘Baahubali’ directed by Rajamouli is slated for grand release on July, 10th. Heavy craze and huge demand for Baahubali tickets shocked all and people who did not get tickets showed their fury on theatres.

Fans in Visakhapatnam showed their anger on Srikanya theatre management which is not screening the film tomorrow. Many pelted stones on the theatre. Police on receiving compalint started enquiring the incident.

In Hyderabad at multiplexes people protested against theatre managements alleging that they blocked tickets and selling them in black. At Prasad IMAX, there was stampede while at Cinemax, fans protested against the management. Fans allege that even in online, websites are displaying housefull to cash on to the craze.