Fathers Fighting for Their Son’s Films

Moviegoers are going to witness fascinating battle at the box-office on this Friday (August 11th). The three top producer’s son’s films are going to have big box-office fight. For the first time, three top producers, top banners, top directors and producer’s son’s films are crossing swords at the box-office. Intellectual Producers cum Fathers of top the heroes crossing swords for their Son’s film releases on this coming Friday offering sensational visual treat ahead for Krishna Atsami and Independence Day. No one is stepping back to grab this continuous holiday benefit.

It is open fact that on August, 11th (coming Friday), one of the top producers Suresh Babu’s son Rana Dagubati’s much hyped “Nene Raju Nene Mantri”, Distributor cum Producer Sudhakar Reddy’s son Lover boy Nithin’s “Lie” and Producer Bellemkonda Suresh son Bellamkonda Sai Srinivas “Jaya Janaki Nayaka” are releasing worldwide with huge positive buzz.

Recently Suresh Babu expressed his helplessness over this producer’s son’s box-office war. Speaking to scribers Suresh Babu who is producing his son Rana’s ‘Nene Raju Nene Mantri’, “My problem is that the film is releasing in Tamil too and we don’t want to compete with Ajith’s film, so we are planning to release our film on August, 11th, as planned. I tried convincing Nitin’s father Sudhakar Reddy and Sai Srinivas father Bellamkonda Suresh to postpone their films but instead, they requested Suresh Babu to drop his film.”

A source close to all the producers says, “Suresh Babu is already in the safe zone as his film has got good business and the Hindi satellite rights have also been sold for a whopping Rs. 7 crore because of Rana’s fame. So he can release his film on a regular weekend.”

Sources added, “Jaya Janaki Nayaka and LIE need a good number of theatres to recover their money as the budget of both the films have gone a bit high. So they don’t want to change their date. But the both films failed to grab a good number of theatres.”

Sources also said, some film industry persons have even come with a proposal for a lottery, that the names that get picked should drop their releases. Source revealed, “Anil Sunkara agreed for it and went for the meeting, but the other two missed it and didn’t agree with the idea.”

The case is now with the film chamber which is trying to adviser peace. Gemini Kiran, president, Telugu Film Chamber of Commerce says, “Generally, during the festival season, three or more films do release and this is no different. But it is true that one film eats into the other film’s revenues. Ultimately, whichever film is good stands out. There is also a chance that all the three films might do well if they are good, the outcome may benefit all the three films.”

The main twist in the entire story is, here the fathers and producers of the film are fighting for a release date and using all intellectual brains to grab as much theatres for their son’s film. In mean while sons are wishing each other for film’s success on Twitter. Rana  Dagubatti wished Nithin’s “Lie” team and “Jaya Janaki Nayaka” team all the best for film’s success through his twitter page. Nithin replied Rana and wished “Nene Raju Nene Mantri” will get huge success.

Crazy!!! Father’s off-screen fight and Son’s social media all best wishes!!! That’s why many say anything can happen in Film Industry!!!! Let us wait two more days to know which film is going to win this August, 11th battle!!!!