Finally Bigg Boss 3 Getting Spicy To Watch

Bigg Boss Telugu Season 3 is finally getting spicy to watch. After some boring episodes Last night, Episode 38 is thoroughly entertaining. Although the Bigg Boss team is trying to create rifts between the contestants by showing some videos, it doesn’t work. But finally, yesterdays episode has given the spicy footage which Bigg Boss is expecting.

Six members got nominated for eviction, Varun, Ravi, Rahul, Mahesh, Punarvi, and Himaja were asked to choose three among themselves to participate in tasks and get saved from eviction. Mahesh, Himaja, and Punarnavi sacrificed and let the other three to go for the opportunity.

Ravi completed his task of emptying a foam can on the hair of Vithika and by wetting the mattress of Siva Jyothy. Varun Sandesh also completed his task by tossing cold coffee at Vithika face and ripping apart the clothes of Vithika. Although Varun Sandesh faced Some emotional pain, he completed his task successfully.

Finally, Rahul Sipligunj he is the one who faced a lot of hurdles while completing the tasks. Rahul quickly finished his first task by cutting Varun-Vithika’s love-shaped pillow into two. But his second task to irritate the contestants has become tough. Rahul tried his best to poke Ali Reza, Sreemukhi, Vithika and all. But all of them kept mum. In the end, he succeeded in calling Siva Jyothy as ‘Noru mooskuni vellu,’ and she shouted at him back. With these tasks, Varun, Ravi, Rahul got saved from nominations. So, only Mahesh, Punarnavi and Himaja will be in nominations this week. Let us wait and see who will get safe this week.