Finally, Sunil Opened Up On His Death!

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Comedian- Actor Sunil who is undergoing a lean phase of his career is now trying to bounce back with back to back comedian roles. It is heard that he will be seen as a comedian in Allu Arjun’s upcoming film with Trivikram. Apart from this, a news that Sunil is dead has been spread over social media. Some unknown YouTube channels have covered this news the other day.

Sunil has taken to social media as a platform and reacted on this. He posted ‘There is a fake news doing rounds, that I have met with a fatal accident. It is rubbish some loser has done that for its view increase. Please don’t worry I am absolutely hail and hearty with your blessings. – Sunil’.

The actual news is a television actor named Nallam Sunil met with an accident while he was traveling to his home town. The actor lost his life in the accident. Just to gain views on digital platforms, some unknown YouTube channels created fake news that the actor who met with an accident is the famous comedian actor Sunil.

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