Flash: Viswaroopam TN tangle solved!

 Universal Hero Kamal Hasan finally emerged victorious as he solved the TN tangle reaching agreement over the film’s content with the opposing Muslim groups. As per sources Kamal agreed to edit objectionable seven scenes from the film. Muslim groups expresed their happiness at Kamal agreeing to edit the objectionable content which hurt their beliefs. Now that all hurdles are cleared for Kamal’s Rs 100 crs project starring Pooja Kumar, Andrea Jermiah and Rahul Bose.We have to wait and see when the film will be released in Tamill Nadu. TN Govt led by CM Jayalalitha banned the film for 15 days and took so many days to resolve the issue with both the groups approaching High Court and in between allegations and counter allegations heating up temperatures in TN. Tamil Tambis can now expect to watch Kamal’s Viswaroopam peacefully after being treated to Jaya’s Viswaroopam till now.