Flash: Indian Embassy update on Sridevi death

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Sridevi death mystery is still remained as unfold. It’s been more than 48 hours still the body of the actress has not handed over to the family. Sridevi’s funeral is likely to be delayed further, Dubai authorities are yet to complete formalities. Dubai prosecution recorded Boney Kapoor statement regarding her wife Sridevi’s death, Dubai cops have seized the passport of Boney Kapoor and clarified that the body will be handed over to the family only after completing required formalities by the Public Prosecution.

Dubai Police are investigating from all corners in which they are suspecting. As the forensic report, the actress died due to accidental drowning. Now the cops are carrying out regular legal procedures followed in such cases.

Just a few minutes back Indian embassy announces that it will take two to three days to handover Sridevi body wherein it was now investigating by Public Prosecution of Dubai which will get much more delay as the process takes time. The body only will be handed over to family when the final clearance letter comes from the Public prosecutor.

Several Celebrities from all film industries have been visiting Anil Kapoor’s residence to meet Sridevi’s daughters Janhvi and Khushi Kapoor. On the same side Sridevi fans have not moved from outside the Mumbai apartment they are still waiting outside the apartment. Stay tuned for this space for more updates.

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