Flops Films Not affecting Producers?

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There is an old saying that making films is just like playing gambling or purchasing a lottery ticket if luck favors the film’s turns out to be hit and turns as money minting machines, otherwise the producers will go into huge losses.

But now it seems like Producers are turned over smart with new business strategies and making even flop films as money minting machines. Going into details, in recent times expect some big films like ‘Rangasthalam’, ‘Mahanati’, etc., almost all film bombard at the box office with regular template based stories.

Especially heroes like Ravi Teja, Raj Tarun, Naga Shourya, Sai Dharam Tej, Allari Naresh, etc., are delivering back to back flops by throwing distributors and exhibitors into losses. Many wonders why these producers and heroes are showing interest to make regular format oriented films even they are not receiving well at the box office? Why they are not concentrating on new concepts.

Now, the shocking strategy has revealed that Producers or even film’s cast and crew are not getting losses with these flop films, only distributors and buyers who are acquiring screening rights for huge amounts are minting losses.

If we go into detail analysis of recent releases, Kalyan Ram’s ‘Naa Nuvve’, Nagarjuna-Ram Gopal Varma’s ‘Officer’, Raj Tarun’s Ragugadu, Ravi Teja’s ‘Nela Ticket’ etc,., turned out to be a disaster. Theatre owners are experiencing shivers seeing these films collections. After watching these films, many wonder whether the makers are concentrating on film’s story and content or shooting as per their whims and fancies, concentrating only on dubbing, digital and satellite rights.

The surprising news is that all these films producers are in the safe zone with pre-release business and bye selling dubbing, digital and satellite rights for good price. So, film producers & heroes are not concentering on stories or net even trying to experiment with new concepts, because they always in a safe zone even if the film fails at the box office. But they need to think if the distributors and exhibitors earn the profit than only they can survey for the long run!! The producer needs to give Bang for the buck of Distributors and film viewers. Let us hope the change will come soon!!!

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