Floral Tribute to Gandhiji at Gandhi Memorial in Dallas-Press Release

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Dallas, TX: Several community members gathered at Gandhi Memorial Plaza in Dallas (Irving) to pay floral tribute to Gandhiji on his 70th death anniversary. SP Nagrath recited the “Raghupati Raghava Rajaram” keertana on this occasion.

Rao Kalvala, Secretary, Mahatma Gandhi memorial of North Texas (MGMNT) thanked the community for gathering to pay tribute to Gandhiji. He appreciated the support of city of Irving and community who helped to build the largest Gandhi Memorial in the USA. Rao recalled the dedication of Gandhiji who fought with British relentlessly without any ammunition to free India from British Rule. He reiterated that this memorial will be a focal point for future generations to know and follow Gandhi principles.

Dr. Prasad Thotakura, Mahatma Gandhi Memorial Chairman in his remarks stated that “at times when there were no means of communications like Facebook, WhatsApp, Twitter etc., it is amazing to see how millions of masses received Gandhi’s message, followed and marched along with him. Gandhiji was imprisoned for 13 times and at one point he was jailed for 6 years at a stretch, sacrificed 32 years of his precious life in the struggle of India’s Independence. Gandhiji principles are everlasting and ever applicable. By simplicity, honesty, dignity, candor deeds and peaceful methods, Gandhiji mobilized the whole world. Gandhiji is eternal. Though he physically departed us 70 years ago, he is still alive amongst us reminding our responsibility to build a better society where equality and social justice prevail. So, we all need to follow his legacy”.

Kamal Kaushal, MGMNT Board of Director said that Gandhiji’s life is an inspiration to mankind. Many numbers of people adopted his principles and philosophy across the globe. Hence, Gandhiji revered as Mahatma means a great soul.

IANT Vice president BN said that Gandhiji is an icon for peace and harmony, everyone especially younger generation must read and know about Gandhiji. We all need to take as role model.

Shabnam Modgil, MGMNT Board of Director recalled that Gandhi was modest, humble but firm on his determination to attain Independence to India. Despite many hardships and obstacles, he reached his goal of attaining Independence to India. We all need to be grateful for his sacrifices and services to our motherland India

floral tribute gandhiji gandhi memorial dallas

floral tribute gandhiji gandhi memorial dallas

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