Gang Leader Review

Movie: Gang Leader

Rating: 2.5/5

Director: Vikram Kumar

Behind Screens

Natural Star Nani seems to have changed track with Jersey. The actor now teamed up with Manam fame Vikram K Kumar for Gang Leader. The combination and the title are unusual but the movie for some reason could not invoke enough hype in the audience. Let us see how the audience receives it in the theaters.


Five persons have resorted to a Bank Robber and get killed when they are trying to escape. The reason for their killing and the missing 300 Crore has become a mystery. Five women who are related to those killed takes the help of Pencil Parthasarathy (Nani), a writer who specializes in penning novels with revenge theme and crime to take revenge on the culprit. What happens next in the story forms the rest.


Nani is at his normal self – effortless. His character is less of heroism and has a comic angle. He walked through it effortlessly. Priya Arul Mohan has disappointed in her maiden Telugu film. The remaining of the female gang – Lakshmi and Saranya have come up with good performances. The child artist and the teenage girl have acted well. RX100 Karthikeya is seen in a negative role and he is good. Priyadarshi as Nani’s friend and Vennela Kishore have tried to provide some laughs but the gay comedy track is bad.


Vikram Kumar who delivered different films in the past is struggling in recent times. He is trying to prove his versatility and is in the process, is failing to deliver a perfect him. Gang Leader also suffers a similar problem. It appears like a revenge drama sometimes, as a crime comedy sometimes and a family sentiment at other times. He failed to make a perfect blend. Like all Vikram’s films, the movie is technically strong. Anirudh Ravichander’s music is disappointing. The camera work is excellent. Editing is patchy. The Production Values of Mythri Movie Makers are decent.


The first half of the film is okay stuff but the film walks into the zone of uncertainty in the latter half. Once the villain is revealed, the film turns a damp squib going routine and flat. The climax also goes on like someone is after the director to finish the story as soon as possible. It looks like Vikram Kumar’s wait continues for that one perfect hit.

Movie Marks:

Not Up to the Iconic Title

Cast and Crew: Nani, Kartikeya Gummakonda, Priyanka Arul Mohan,  Lakshmi, Saranya  Ponvannan, Vennela Kishore and others

Music director: Anirudh Ravichander

Production company: Mythri Movie Makers

Screenplay: Vikram Kumar

Release date 13 September 2019

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