Gayatri Movie Review

Movie: Gayatri
Rating: 2.75/5
Direction: Madan
Behind the Screens:
Collection King Mohan Babu is back to films after a considerable gap with Gayatri in which he plays a central role. He has teamed up with Pellaina Kothalo fame Madan for this movie and an impressive trailer ushered hopes of a possible comeback of the Collection King. Let us see how the movie has fared with the audience.
Dasari Sivaji (Mohan Babu) is a stage artist who runs an Orphanage called Sharadha Sadan. He goes to the place of convicted rich for money. His daughter Gayatri (Nikhila Vimal) goes missing in the childhood. Years later, when they are about to meet, he is kidnapped by Gayatri Patel (Mohan Babu). What is the reason behind the Kidnap? What is the relation between Sivaji and Gayatri Patel? What happens next in their story forms the rest.
Star Shine:
Mohan Babu is seen in a dual role in the film as Sivaji and Gayatri Patel. On expected lines, he excelled in the role of Gayatri Patel with his excellent dialogue delivery. Manchu Vishnu is good in a little role and Shriya’s role is almost like a guest appearance. But she performed well. Nikhil Vimal and Anasuya are impressive.
Thaman has come up with a good album. Vekuvamma and Oka Nuvvu Oka Nenu songs are impressive. Madan has come up with a decent story on father and daughter sentiment and also made sure that it is stuffed with enough commercial elements. He should have worked better on the first half for a better result. Sarvesh Murari’s camera work is good while the editing should have been better here and there. Production Values are okay.
Gayatri is the story of a father and her daughter. It is a sentimental film stuffed with commercial elements like fights and songs. The first half does not have much of the story. It revolves around the love story and marriage of Vishnu and Shriya. The story turns interesting with the entry of Gayatri Patel. The last 30 minutes or so is impressive with good twists and turns. There are some controversial dialogues on politicians and Special Status. The film can be watched only for the pre-climax and climax.
Movie Marks:
Gayatri: Only for Gayatri Patel
Cast: Mohan Babu, Vishnu, Shriya, and Others
Writer: Diamond Ratnababu and Paruchuri Gopala Krishna
Producer: Mohan Babu
Music: S Thaman
Cinematographer: Sarvesh Murari
Editor: MR Varma
Banner: Sree Lakshmi Prasanna Pictures
Release Date: February 9th, 2018

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