Ghanta S-I-L involved in Block ticketing

Movie lovers are going mad about Rajamouli’s prestigious film ‘Baahubali’ which is getting sensational response. Film makers express their anger on piracy and are asking movie lovers to watch the film in theatres. However management of many theatres are colluding with anti social elements to cheat people selling tickets at exorbitant prices in black. 

In Visakhapatnam allegations are coming that Minister Ganta Srinivasa Rao’s son- in- law himself is using GVMC office to sell black tickets for Rs 500-2000 with Govt machinery turning mute spectator. Rs 25 ticket is priced at Rs 1000, Rs 50 ticket is priced at Rs.2000-4000. More than 500 such tickets are sold and fans protested this mega cheating vehemently. 

Majority of 48 theatres in Visakhapatnam district is in Son- in- Law hands for more than a week and this illegal black ticketing is going on in crores. However Minister’s office rubbished all these allegations.