Goodachari Targets Half A Million Dollars by Tuesday

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Adivi Sesh’s Spy Thriller, Goodachari seems to be targeting the Half A million Dollars Gross at the USA Box Office by Tuesday. As of Monday, it has almost breached the $450K mark. The movie has collected $447,840. It is expected to have a good outing on Tuesday due to the offers available like AT&T Buy One Get One Offer

Sushanth’s Chi La Sow has collected a disappointing $124,281 by Monday and the run will be almost complet3d by Tuesday. The movie can be decided as a big flop there and is unlikely even to recover the expenses. This is more or less the scenario in the domestic markets as well. Maruthi’s Brand Babu is a huge disaster at the USA Box Office with just 290 Dollars Gross.

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