Goodachari Vs Chi La Sow Vs Brand Babu talk

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As many as three films – Goodachari, Chi La Sow, and Brand Babu are releasing tomorrow. Brand Babu has script written by Maruthi. It is the story of a young lad who is made of Branded things. He eyes a girl thinking she is the daughter of Home Minister but is actually a girl working in the Minister’s House. Interesting twist follows after knowing the truth and the girl is forced to get back to the hero’s house. Even though the story sounds interesting, Filmnagar talk is that the movie is at best below average.
Sushanth’s Chi La Sow is also carrying the average talk while Adivi Sesh’s Goodachari is carrying above average talk. The Production values of Goodachari are pretty good to the standards of international films of the same genre. In all probability, Goodachari will be the winner this weekend. Let us see if this result will be the big break Adivi Sesh is waiting for. All the three movies together are valued at 15 Crore. So, it will be a pretty good contest at the Box Office.

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